Stephen LawsonSenior U.S. Correspondent, IDG News Service

Stephen Lawson covers mobile, storage, and networking technologies for the IDG News Service, and is based in San Francisco.

AT&T's T-Mobile deal shows importance of spectrum

AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA was driven in large part by the quest for radio spectrum, a commodity that rarely crosses the minds of mobile consumers but plays a big role in carriers' decision-making.

AT&T: T-Mobile deal will help U.S.

AT&T says its planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA will advance U.S. leadership in mobile data and improve consumers' wireless experience.

Five things you need to know about LTE

LTE, or long-term evolution service, is poised to be the new world standard for mobile data. Here are five things that set it apart from its predecessors.

House passes defunding of Net neutrality rules

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed an amendment to its annual government funding bill that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from using any funds to implement the Net neutrality rules it approved last year.

Speed, handoffs to boost Wi-Fi's mobile role

Wi-Fi looks set to play a growing role in mobile networks even as LTE and other new cellular technologies with higher capacity are deployed.

Judge sides with Apple, RIM against Kodak

Eastman Kodak's patent claim against Apple and Research In Motion concerning camera-phone image previews is invalid, according to an initial determination by a U.S. International Trade Commission administrative law judge.

Schmidt to step aside as Google CEO, Page taking over

Google co-founder Larry Page will take over as Google CEO in April from Eric Schmidt, who will remain with the company as executive chairman.

Microsoft fights Apple trademark on 'App Store'

Microsoft is asking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to deny Apple a trademark on the name "App Store."

Lessons from AT&T might help Verizon survive iPhone

If Verizon Wireless introduces its own version of the Apple iPhone on Tuesday, it could look to AT&T's experience as the iPhone's service provider for clues on what it should and shouldn't do.

Analysts: flash storage to gain ground in 2011

Solid-state storage has helped to raise the wave of portable computer alternatives that has hit the market over the past few years, and 2011 is likely to see that technology become more affordable and better performing.

Will videoconferencing replace the telephone?

For people who want to see who they're talking to, there are fewer barriers than ever to completing the picture. Yet video calling has yet to achieve the worry-free ease of traditional phone calls or even mobile text messages.

Verizon speeds up FiOS to 150Mbps

Verizon is adding a new tier of service to its FiOS fiber broadband service, offering 150Mbps (megabits per second) downstream and 35Mbps upstream for $195.

AT&T mobile data growth eases -- to 30X

The growth in data traffic on AT&T's mobile network has slowed, though it remains explosive at more than 3,000 percent over the past three years.

Report: Beatles music coming to iTunes

Apple will announce that its iTunes store will begin selling music by The Beatles on Tuesday, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

AT&T texts mobile users about class-action settlement

AT&T Mobility notified its subscribers on Thursday that they might be entitled to benefits from a proposed class-action settlement.