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Steven is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Magazine, TidBITS, Tech.pinions, and elsewhere. He is co-host of Accessible, a weekly podcast about Accessibility issues on iOS, and writes Steven's Blog.

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Accessibility and Apple Watch apps

Steven Aquino finds that as a person with low vision, the best way to use his Apple Watch is just a glance at a time.

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Accessibility improvements Apple should make in iOS 9

It's totally fine if iOS 9 doesn't pack in hundreds of new features. Steven Aquino just wants a handful of tweaks to make things more visible.

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iOS 8 changes we'd like to see: Accessibility

We covering, bit by bit, the changes and improvements we'd like to see in the next version of iOS. Here's what we're hoping for when it comes to accessibility.

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Why the iPhone 5s is a terrific accessibility tool

When you think of accessibility and Apple, you probably think of iOS features like Dictation, Speak Selection and even FaceTime, but Steven Aquino argues great hardware makes a difference, too.

How Apple could improve iCloud document management

To open a document that's stored in iCloud from an iPhone or iPad, you have to first open the app you used to create it. That, argues Steven Aquino, is why Apple should build a iCloud Documents app.

Pecking order: Typing with cerebral palsy

Steven Aquino suffers from cerebral palsy, which makes typing difficult. Here's how he overcomes those problems.

Now you see it: How Apple's Retina display is a boon to accessibility

For Steven Aquino, Retina displays on iOS devices aren't just a nice feature, they're essential to making the devices accessible to the visually impaired.