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Bush enacts PRO-IP anti-piracy law

U.S. President George W. Bush Monday signed into law a bill designed to increase protection of intellectual property.

Google, NBC make TV ad deal

Google announced a deal with NBC Universal for advertising, research and technology.

Why China Mobile isn't right for Apple and the iPhone

A potential deal between China Mobile and Apple has left a lot of room for speculation.

iTunes, Amazon blocking in China continues

Users throughout China confirm that they cannot access either the iTunes Store or an page feature the Songs for Tibet collection.

WSJ: Microsoft hires Seinfeld to bite Apple

Microsoft plans to hire comedian Jerry Seinfeld for its new marketing campaign, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Google to launch free music service in China

Google is launching a music service aimed at providing Chinese listeners with free, legal music downloads.

Apple opens first store in China

Over 400 Apple enthusiasts lined up Saturday morning to be among the first customers at the opening of China's first Apple retail store.

Apple shows off first China store, divulges retail plans

Apple offered a sneak peak of its first Apple Store in China Thursday, located in Beijing's Sanlitun entertainment district.

Report: Microsoft readies new try for Yahoo

Microsoft is looking for new partners to join in a fresh bid for Yahoo, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Yahoo denies ‘poison pill,’ Icahn accusations

Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock rejected charges by Carl Icahn that an employee retention package was designed to discourage a Microsoft takeover.

Twitter restored after outage

Twitter resumed normal service just before 6 p.m. PDT Wednesday following an unscheduled outage, the company confirmed on its blog.

Report: Yahoo could run Google ads next week

Yahoo could begin carrying Google ads within a week, as it waits for Microsoft to give up its acquisition bid or attempt a hostile takeover.

Report: Microsoft close to hostile bid for Yahoo

Microsoft is gearing up for a hostile acquisition of Yahoo, with a formal announcement possible Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Adobe debuts Media Player, video content

Adobe Systems debuted a new media playing software, Adobe Media Player 1.0 (AMP) along with online programming instructional video content on how to use the company's products, it said Wednesday.

Yahoo sends letter to shareholders over Microsoft bid

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang cited the growing online advertising market and his company's position to take advantage of that growth as reasons for shareholders to reject Microsoft's acquisition bid, he said in a letter to shareholders Wednesday.