Printing primer: Know your options in Adobe InCopy

Macworld's managing editor explains how she uses workgroup print features in Adobe InCopy to produce our monthly magazine.

Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration for iPhone

This app, containing a wealth of information about space exploration, should be on the iPhone or iPod touch of anyone who wants to learn more about the universe. It has its quirks, but those are easily outweighed by the depth of information it puts at your fingertips.

Star Walk for iPhone

If you're interested in learning more about objects in space -- and the Earth's relation to them -- this is a great app to download. It's also intuitive enough for kids to easily navigate.

Planets for iPhone

Planets is a very cool quick pocket reference for anyone who is curious about the celestial objects they see in the sky.

The Planets for iPhone

You get a lot of information in this planetary reference guide, but not much in the way of usability.

NASA tweaks its iPhone app

NASA App 1.1 lets you track the positions of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle to see if you're in the vicinity for a visible sighting opportunity of either spacecraft, among other features and enhancements in the update.