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Susie has been covering Apple since 2006, and when she isn't glued to her MacBook Air and iPhone, you can find her building sand castles at the beach or snowboarding in the mountains.

ipad pro 97 review 2016

9.7-inch iPad Pro review: Hits the sweet spot between size and price

You don't need to spend more on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro—the smaller model is a better size and isn't hampered by having half the RAM.

iphone se review mrv 010 32

iPhone SE review: It’s a pocket-size powerhouse

Good news for fans of small phones: Apple didn't make the 4-inch iPhone SE a second-class device.

ios erase data feature iphone fbi

Podcast 501: The FBI says never mind

What. Just. Happened. Security expert Jonathan Zdziarski helps us process this strange turn of events in the Apple-FBI case.

apple iphone se colors

Podcast 500: SE Stands for Super Exciting

Five hundred episodes young, we celebrate with special guests Cyrus Farivar, Jason Snell, and the Macalope.

mobile pro series deluxe folio detachable fellowes

Fellowes MobilePro Series review: Great iPad workstation brought down by a bad keyboard

Luckily, the awesome Deluxe Folio and frustrating Bluetooth Keyboard are separate pieces.

fftf fbi protest la grove2

Apple: FBI’s surprise postponement of court hearing is a ‘bolt from the blue’

The FBI now says it doesn't need any help from Apple to get into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone—shocking Apple, and raising a lot of new questions.

iPhone SE

FAQ: What you need to know about the 4-inch iPhone SE

It starts at $399, it does Live Photos but no 3D Touch, and the battery should even outlast the bigger iPhones.

apple watch new primary

FAQ: Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch

Got Apple Watch questions? Come on in.

ios93 preview

iOS 9.3 is ready to install with Night Shift, password-protected Notes, and more

Apple's iOS 9.3 adds handy new features like Night Shift and password-protected Notes, and also fixes a flaw recently discovered in iMessages.

iphone security stock

Researchers break Apple's iMessage encryption, will be fixed in iOS 9.3

The vulnerability will be fully fixed when Apple releases iOS 9.3 on Monday, but it just goes to show: even strong encryption can have its weak points.

apple cover final primary

Tim Cook to Time: 'I feel like I'm in this bad dream'

Before the Apple-FBI fight gets its first day in court, Tim Cook recaps the struggle in a new interview.

apple iphone 5s touch id

Podcast 499: iPhone SE predictions

Roman joins Susie and Glenn to talk iPhone SE, the latest in the FBI case, and South by Southwest.

apple cupertino american flag fbi

Apple's latest legal filing: 'The Founders would be appalled'

In its last brief to Judge Pym before the first hearing on March 22, Apple makes its case for encryption.

john oliver primary

John Oliver explains why he's on Team Apple in the encryption debate

"There is no easy side to be on in this debate," Oliver said on Last Week Tonight. So he explained why Apple's side is right.


How to stream March Madness on any device, starting March 15

Watch the NCAA Tournament on iOS, Android, Windows, Roku, Fire TV, and even in split-screen on the new Apple TV.