Ted LandauSenior Contributor, Macworld

When an iOS update fails

Ted Landau's iPhone 4 refused to update to iOS 4.3. After thinking back to his past actions, the reason becomes clear.

Sync delays with iTunes 10.2.x

Having trouble syncing your iOS device after updating to iTunes 10.2? Ted Landau offers several solutions.

Facing the MobileMe Calendar upgrade

In May Apple will require MobileMe members to use its new CalDAV-based calendar. Here's what you can do to prepare.

Apps vanish; backups save the day

Ted Landau's heart skipped a beat when he discovered an empty Applications folder. Thanks to a redundant backup strategy, however, his bacon, heart, and data were saved.

Twitter-to-Facebook: Hello?

Is your Twitter feed not appearing on your Facebook wall? You're not alone. One man's story of reestablishing the link between the two social networking services.

Delete The Daily before updating?

Why exactly is News Corp. asking that you delete the existing version of The Daily app on your iPad before installing an updated version?

Solving an Empty Trash problem

Having difficulties deleting applications that are "in use?" Ted Landau offers some solutions.

Ferreting out a (Backblaze) bug

How Find Any File helped me solve a cosmetic Backblaze bug.

Appleā€™s Mac App Store troubleshooting advice

A roundup of Apple's most noteworthy Mac App Store Knowledge Base troubleshooting articles.

Mac App Store stumbles over pre-owned apps

The Mac App Store has some difficulties recognizing apps you already own.

Fixing iTunes app updates process

Does iTunes tell you that its list of updated apps is outdated? Me too. I address this and other iTunes app annoyances.

A Desktop folder mystery

How is it possible for there to be two Desktop folders within a single account? Ted Landau investigates and odd bug.

When iTunes and iPhones disagree

Is iTunes having problems getting along with your iPhone or other iOS device? If so, you may be surprised at these two unlikely but effective solutions.

Two iOS Problems; Content "lost" and content blocked

We present two issues today: Content that seemingly disappears on iOS devices after the iOS 4.2.1 update and erroneous HDCP errors with the latest Apple TVs.

Revisiting the insomniac Mac

A Mac that had no sleep problems suddenly becomes wakeful. How I tracked down the solution.