Ted LandauSenior Contributor, Macworld

Bugs & Fixes: Magic Trackpads and lazy thumbs

Ted Landau trades in his Magic Mouse for a Magic Trackpad. It's been a good switch... after a period of adjustment with the input device.

Bugs & Fixes: Preview's TIFF-to-JPEG color inversion bug

Ted Landau tries to convert a TIFF image to the JPEG format and gets an image with inverted colors. But don't worry -- there are several easy work-arounds.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV troubleshooting

The arrival of the Apple TV has brought a new round of support articles from Apple for the device. Ted Landau rounds those up and touches on some other troubleshooting and hacking-related findings from Apple TV owners.

Bugs & Fixes: iTunes 10, mobile Safari, and iWork for iPad tips

Ted Landau offers up an assortment of bugs and fixes, ranging from iTunes 10 crashes to an issue with the mobile version of Safari to file sharing with iWork for iPad.

Bugs & Fixes: DNS prefetching can cause Safari problems

DNS prefetching -- added as part of the Safari 5.0.1 update -- can occasionally result in slow performance, partially-loaded pages, or "cannot be found" messages for Web pages. Ted Landau takes a closer look.

Bugs & Fixes: iTunes 10 troubleshooting round-up

Ted Landau collects all of the iTunes 10-related bug reports and tips that have surfaced since Apple updated its media playback and management application. And there's a bonus iOS fix as well.

Bugs & Fixes: Revisiting a Magic Mouse problem

Before he decides whether or not to buy a Magic Trackpad, Ted Landau wants to resolve a lingering issue with the Magic Mouse and its inability to connect with his Mac Pro.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving a Mac Pro sleep problem

Ted Landau runs into a problem making his Mac Pro go to sleep. He thinks he has it traced to OS X's Wake on Demand Feature combined with scheduled wake ups for his desktop.

Fix buggy iOS apps by forcing them to quit

Quitting iOS apps in order to fix buggy behavior seems like a bit of a hack, but it's a hack recommended by Apple itself.

Bugs & Fixes: Recovering lost contacts

Syncing your calendar and contact data across your Mac and iOS devices using MobileMe can come in handy, but not when your contacts disappear. Ted Landau looks at potential options for getting those contacts back where they belong.