Ted LandauSenior Contributor, Macworld

Bugs & Fixes: A surprise inside a portable drive

Ted Landau learns that My Passport portable external drives no longer contain a SATA interface inside -- not a deal-breaker for most users, but something to consider when you're looking for a portable drive.

Bugs & Fixes: Two iTunes tips

Ted Landau offers you two Bugs & Fixes for the price of one, both related to iTunes. First, he solves an iTunes mystery involving missing artists; then, he shows you how to eliminate an iTunes hassle with audiobook file clutter.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV troubleshooting tool needs improvement

Ted Landau keeps running into a problem with his Apple TV that underscores the troubleshooting weaknesses of Apple's set-top box.

Bugs & Fixes: Seven iOS 4 troubleshooting tips

When a new iOS update arrives, expect to run into a few head-scratching problems. Not to worry -- Ted Landau is on the case with seven tips that provide answers to several of the questions you may be asking.

Bugs & Fixes: Fix unreadable text in black Mail messages

After installing Safari 5, Mail messages generated by applications like iCal or iChat may unexpectedly have a black background. Not to worry: Ted Landau has a fix for the issue.

Bugs & Fixes: MobileMe Gallery roadblocks with iOS devices

Ted Landau ran into several roadblocks when trying upload a collection of photos from his iPad to MobileMe Gallery.

Bugs & Fixes: Router's network password can slow Wi-Fi speed

Is the speed of your 802.11n Wi-Fi network unexpectedly slow? If you are getting a strong signal and everything else seems to be working fine, your type of password may be the reason behind the slow down. Ted Landau explains.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving Flash problems on a Mac

With the controversy over Apple's criticisms of Flash in recent weeks, Ted Landau decided to go to the Safari section of Apple's Discussions Boards to see what problems Mac users are having running Flash in Safari.

Bugs & Fixes: How to uninstall iTunes

When applications don't behave as they should, sometimes the best course of action is to uninstall it and reinstall a new copy. With most applications, that process is easy enough. But installing iTunes is not always as simple as it sounds.

Bugs & Fixes: An update on iPad Wi-Fi reception problems

A few weeks back, Ted Landau covered reports of iPad users having problems with poor Wi-Fi reception. He revisits the topic now that Apple has acknowledged the issue.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting iPad 3G activation

While most 3G iPad owners are having no problems activating their 3G service, a few problems have sprung up. Ted Landau gives a rundown of the most common symptoms and their solutions.

Bugs & Fixes: WindowShade X for Snow Leopard arrives

Ted Landua is thrilled that WindowShade X, a System Preferences utility, is now compatible with Snow Leopard. And he's even more thrilled that version 5.0.2 tackles a bug that caused conflicts with other applications.

Bugs & Fixes: A long time ago in a bug far, far away...

Bugs & Fixes takes on a Star Wars flavor this week, as Ted Landau looks at a bug in iMovie '09 involving the Far Far Away title inspired by George Lucas' space epic.

Bugs & Fixes: iWork files lost in translation from Mac to iPad

The iPad versions of the iWork applications have trouble exchanging documents with the desktop version of Apple's productivity suite. It's not a bug, Ted Landau writes -- it's a limitation of the 1.0 release of these mobile apps.

Bugs & Fixes: How widespread are iPad Wi-Fi problems?

With reports from some users that Apple's new iPad has a problem with Wi-Fi reception, Ted Landau tries to separate reality from exaggeration.