Ted LandauSenior Contributor, Macworld

Bugs & Fixes: Solving Safari cookie problems

Sometimes, solving a cookie-related problem requires more than just deleting cookies from Safari, as Ted Landau details in this week's Bugs & Fixes column.

Bugs & Fixes: When PDFs won't load in Safari

Snow Leopard has been out for more than a month, but Ted Landau keeps stumbling across compatibility problems. The latest? It involves trying to view a PDF document, accessed as a Web link in Safari.

Bugs & Fixes: Font problems in Snow Leopard

Did the spacing between characters of certain fonts in some of your documents change after you upgraded to Snow Leopard? If so, you're not alone.

iPhone under the hood: Carrier settings and configuration profiles

There's more you can do with your iPhone's carrier settings than just download and install the latest update. Ted Landau shows you how to custom reinstall, directly view and even modify your carrier settings -- and explains why you would want to.

Bugs & Fixes: Too many iPhone notes in Mail?

The notes syncing feature introduced in the iPhone 3.0 update could create duplicate copies of Notes in the inbox listings for each of your mail accounts. Ted Landau has a fix.

Bugs & Fixes: Snow Leopard grab bag

Late last week, Apple released the 10.6.1 update to Snow Leopard. Ted Landau looks at some of the fixes in that update as well as some other outstanding Snow Leopard issues.

Bugs & Fixes: iTunes 9 and Safari mix it up

Apple rolled out a new version of iTunes this week, and with it have come a pair of problems -- one related to Safari and the other involving the new Genius Mixes feature.

Bugs & Fixes: Ethernet-networked printers and Snow Leopard

After upgrading to Snow Leopard, Ted Landau's trusty old HP LaserJet 4000N no longer responded to Print requests from his Mac. Here's how he tackled the problem. Plus: a bonus look at the low ink level warning in OS X 10.6.

Bugs & Fixes: Fixing permissions in Leopard and Snow Leopard

Ted Landau explores the art of fixing permissions in Leopard, and finds out that Snow Leopard appears to have dramatically improved the process.

Bugs and Fixes: MacBook Pro oddities

Ted Landau looks at two strange quirks in the current line of MacBook Pro models.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone app icon mix-up

Do you tap one icon on your iPhone's home screen only to have another app launch? Ted Landau identifies the problem, but a definitive fix is hard to come by until Apple steps in.

Bugs & Fixes: Amazon forces a Delicious Library update

Some changes to the way Amazon.com lets people connect to its database requires an update to Delicious Monster's Delicious Library application. Ted Landau explains.

Bugs & Fixes: Don't worry if CoverScout stops responding

Many other software makers could learn a lesson from how Equinux handled a recent issue with its CoverScout album art finder.

Solve printer woes

Printer on the blink? In this three-part series, Ted Landau shows you how to solve common printer problems.

Three perplexing printer problems

Whether your printer keeps disappearing from the Print dialog box or you've tried everything and there's still no freshly printed document on your printer tray, Ted Landau can help.