Ted LandauSenior Contributor, Macworld

Fix printer queue glitches

When your printer won't print, sometimes you'll try the basics with no results. Whether your printer's Dock icon is bouncing endlessly or it says you're stuck at "connecting," here's how to troubleshoot problems with your printer queue.

Bugs & Fixes: Failure to launch bugs

Some high-profile software updates this week from Apple and Microsoft both exhibited similar bugs in which updated apps either failed to launch or couldn't open existing files. Ted Landau explains what's up.

Printer troubleshooting basics

Printing a document is usually one of the easiest things you can do on a Mac...that is, unless your printer refuses to print. In the first part of this three-part troubleshooting series, Ted Landau shows you what steps to start with.

Bugs & Fixes: Safari bug confounding Apple Support searches?

While searching through Apple's support site, Ted Landau comes across an odd error message that may be related to the recent Safari 4.0.2 update.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone 3.0's mystery Mail bug

Ted Landua has noticed an iPhone 3.0 bug where Spotlight searches turn up long-deleted e-mails. Here are the details.

Bugs & Fixes: Tying up loose ends

Ted Landau revisits recent Bugs & Fixes columns to see if there are updates for troubles involving the Apple TV and iPhone.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhones that are too hot to handle

The Internet is buzzing about reports of iPhone 3GS models over-heating. But before you assume you need a replacement iPhone or that Apple needs to issue a recall, Ted Landau suggests that you cool down.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone 3GS signal strength oddities

Ted Landau noticed his new iPhone 3GS seemed to spend more time connected to the EDGE network than did his old iPhone 3G. So he did a little digging to find out why.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV deletes files

Has iTunes started unexpectedly copying several hundred files to your Apple TV when you try syncing your set-top box? It's happened to Ted Landau, so he does some digging to find out the cause.

Bugs & Fixes: Fixes for iLife problems

Ted Landau looks at solutions to a pair of potential problems Apple has identified with the iLife suite.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving Twitter problems

Ted Landau looks at a trio of problems you might have run into if you use the popular microblogging service Twitter.

Bugs & Fixes: Winning the clone wars

Making a clone backup of your startup drive is a good ideal, but it can lead to hassles if some software on your drive is unable to figure out that the startup drive and its clone are two different volumes. Ted Landau works his way through one such hassle.

Beyond the Genius Bar

Apple's Genius Bar is a great place to get free help when your Mac is on the blink. But what if you don't have an Apple Store in your town or you're just not ready to hop in the car? Ted Landau examines the many other options available to Mac users with computer problems.

Make the most of the Genius Bar

Prepare in advance for a trip to Apple's Genius Bar and you’ll likely go home smiling -- with a Mac that’s working again.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving a mysterious plug-in crash

Ted Landau uses Leopard's improved crash message, the Console utility, and a little bit of luck to find out what was causing some software on his Mac to crash.