Ted LandauSenior Contributor, Macworld

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting Mountain Lion

The good news: The latest version of OS X appears to be a generally stable update. But that doesn't mean a few bugs can't crop here and there. Ted Landau looks at a few issues you may encounter when running Mountain Lion.

Bugs & Fixes: Two iTunes Match problems

Ted Landau, like many of us, continues to run into iTunes Match glitches. In this installment of Bugs & Fixes he addresses two issues.

Bugs & Fixes: From iOS app crashes to email problems

Ted Landau looks at recent iOS app corruption issues and email conundrums.

Bugs & Fixes: From missing alarms to update woes

Ted Landau address a trio of issues including inconsistent calendar alarms, delayed typing, and update difficulties in this week's Bugs & Fixes.

Improved iWork file sharing coming in Mountain Lion

Ted Landau has often noted that sharing an iWork file between a Mac and an iOS device via iCloud doesn't work very well. Mountain Lion figures to change that.

Bugs & Fixes: Hoped-for iOS 6 fixes for search and navigation

Ted Landau anticipates that Apple will announce iOS 6 at WWDC. Here are a couple of interface issues he'd like to see addressed.

Bugs & Fixes: When Outlook searches fail… and more

Do you find that Outlook is unable to find messages you seek? Ted Landau offers a solution to this and other issues.

Bugs & Fixes: From Mail crashes to HTML5 video failures

Ted Landau offers a trio of tips and troubles in this week's Bugs & Fixes.

Bugs & Fixes: Opening (very) old AppleWorks and Word documents

Have old Microsoft Word or AppleWorks spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, or draw documents that won't open under Lion? Ted Landau offers some advice.

Bugs & Fixes: Problems pairing iPhones to Bluetooth audio systems

Ted Landau reports that some people are having difficulties pairing their iPhones with their Bluetooth car audio systems. Here are your options.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshoot Journals in iPhoto for iOS

Ted Landau likes iPhoto for iOS a lot, but finds some issues with its Journals feature.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshoot Messages Beta on a Mac

Ted Landau discusses some of the most significant and common problems that have cropped up thus far in the OS X Messages beta application.