Ted LandauSenior Contributor, Macworld

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Bugs & Fixes: Re-running on empty

Like a bacterial infection that an antibiotic doesn’t entirely kill, a computer issue can come back to bite you despite you applying what seemed to be a successful solution. Ted Landau revisits just such an issue.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving Mac App Store download errors

When you purchase an app from the Mac App Store, it normally downloads and installs exactly as expected. But not always. Ted Landau explains.

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Bugs & Fixes: Solving a strange file sharing error

Ted Landau runs into trouble trying to connect his Mac Pro to his MacBook Air via Lion's file sharing capabilities. Fortunately, it's an easy problem to fix.

Bugs & Fixes: Bridge over troubled modem

Are you a Comcast Internet customer? If so, Ted Landau has this bit of advice: If you don't want Comcast's Voice feature, avoid getting their Gateway devices. In fact, avoid their cable modems as well. Buy your own.

Bugs & Fixes: No green light for UltraViolet

Ted Landau finds UltraViolet--the movie industry's latest attempt to protect its content--wanting. Read all about it here.