Review: TomTom Home 2.5

TomTom Home 2.5.2, which ships with the TomTom Go 930 and other TomTom GPS devices, ably manages your maps, media, landmarks, and Voices.

Review: RouteBuddy 2.3

If you need a no-nonsense route-planning package with support for lots of GPS receivers, or a tool to easily convert GPS data between different formats, get RouteBuddy 2.3.

Review: MacGPS Pro 8.3

MacGPSPro 8.3 is a stable application that provides raster map support—a unique feature that could be the deciding factor if you have serious research, maritime, or custom mapping needs.

Review: RoadTrip 2.0

The best reason to use a Garmin GPS is the company’s fantastic Mac software. Garmin is the pre-eminent producer of GPSs, and its RoadTrip package is the leader of its pack, too.


For voice chat users who spend a lot of time near a Mac (but not right in front of it), the DialogPhone provides more freedom and mobility than a Bluetooth headset.

Internet-calling FAQ

Making calls over the Internet can shrink your home phone and cell phone bills. But voice over IP (VoIP) is more than just thrifty—it mixes traditional calling with new features that simply aren’t possible with a plain old telephone. Ready to jump on the bandwagon? Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Internet telephony and VoIP: What's the difference?

If you want to dive into the world of Internet telephony but prefer to use your existing phone—not VoIP software on your Mac—as your primary calling device, you might consider subscribing to an Internet telephony service provider.

WengoPhone Firefox extension 0.68

Most desktop VoIP communication tools are stand-alone applications that operate independent of other software on your Mac. But the newest beta version of WengoPhone Firefox Extension lets you tap into the world of VoIP calling from within Firefox.

VoIP applications

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is an emerging technology that allows you to use your broadband Internet connection to place and receive voice and videophone calls. By adding some desktop VoIP software tools to your Mac, you, too, can take advantage of Internet calling.

PhoneValet Message Center 4.0

PhoneValet Message Center 4.0.3 is a business-grade telephony automation tool that sports very powerful recording, call logging, and search functions. If you need to get take control of your phone communications, there’s no better choice than PhoneValet.

Phlink 3.0

Phlink 3.0.1. is a well-designed application that is ideally suited to individuals who want to get a handle on their day-to-day phone routine.

PhoneValet Message Center 3.0

PhoneValet is great for anybody who wants to log, record, and automatically answer calls with a Mac. With its highly configurable message recorder and user-friendly support for multiple voicemail boxes, PhoneValet remains the best choice for those who value ease of use and simplicity.

Phlink 2.2

If you’re on a budget or want some Tiger-specific telephony goodies, Phlink 2.2 is an excellent phone-message recorder and a huge improvement over its predecessor.