TypeDrawing for iPad

Like its predecessor on the iPhone, this font-driven drawing app offers a lot of fun and can produce some nice-looking images on the tablet's large screen.

iSwing: Golf for iPhone

If you're looking to improve your golf swing, this intuitive iPhone app is definitely worth a look.

Osmos for iPad

Osmos is a game of nebulous, colorful cells called "Motes" and your quest to become the biggest, most dominant mote on screen.

Weber's on the Grill for iPhone and iPad

Whether you use the iPhone or iPad version, Weber's on the Grill is a really nice app for elevating your grilling game. It's well designed, easy to use and chock full of great information and recipes.

SketchyPad for iPad

When it comes to designing mock-ups, this iPad app gets the job done, though there are a handful of limitations and frustrations. SketchyPad is a decent app, but other App Store offerings may be better options even if they cost a little more.

Photo Captions HD for iPad

This iPad app lets you quickly add captions, frames and graphics to your photos, or even create greeting cards and collages. It's easy to use, and the results could tickle your funny bone.

Animation Creator for iPhone and iPad

Regardless of whether you're using the iPhone version of this app or the iPad edition, Animation Creator provides a great way to try your hand at putting your drawings into motion.

SketchBook Pro for iPad

The iPad is a natural for sketching and doodling, and this app is one of the most advanced painting offerings you'll find on the App Store.

Modern Conflict HD for iPad

Modern Conflict HD has the basic elements you would expect from any RTS game— resource management, the need for a sound strategy and the goal of domination over your enemy— but unfortunately, Modern Conflict offers little else to distinguish itself.

Color Splash for iPad

Having brought desaturation to the iPhone with a version of Color Splash for that device, Pocket Pixels turns its attention to the iPad, and the resulting app is quite impressive.

Uface for iPhone

With a slick interface that makes it a breeze to use this app, Uface offers a fun way to create your own social networking avatar on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Baby Decks DJ for iPad

This virtual turntable app isn't inexpensive. But it produces realistic scratching sounds and effectively mimics the look and feel of using real turntables.

Layers for iPad

The iPad version of this drawing app comes in two editions -- a Pro offering and a Standard one. The Pro version of Layers for the iPad is a tool for serious artists, while the Standard app gives you a good introduction to what Layers can do.

Korg iElectribe for iPad

This awesome virtual synth machine for the iPad comes loaded with features. There's certainly a learning curve for the app, but it's still a solid offering that's sure to impress music makers.

Photogene for iPad

With a wonderful interface that's easy to use, Photogene makes it as pleasurable to edit photos on your iPad as it is to view them.