Glyder for iPhone

Stunning graphics and natural controls make this flying game from Glu a winner.

Resident Evil: Degeneration for iPhone

The king of the horror survival game makes a near-flawless jump to the iPhone and iPod touch, thanks to some cleverly implemented controls, impressive graphics, and engaging gameplay.

PhotoForge for iPhone

PhotoForge is almost like having a mobile version of Photoshop in your pocket. The easy-to-use app gives you some great editing tools previously not seen on a mobile platform.

Dig Dug Remix for iPhone

Namco has freshened up the look of the arcade classic (and retained the old-school version) in this game. It's fun enough if you're a die-hard Dig Dug fan, but the controls leave something to be desired.

Fast & Furious for iPhone

The movie it's based on may be shallow entertainment, but this racing game for the iPhone and iPod touch has a lot of depth to offer.

2XL Supercross for iPhone

The high-end graphics in 2XL Supercross make it one of the best-looking racing games for the iPhone and iPod touch. In fact, everything about this game is visually pleasing.

iFighter for iPhone

This scrolling shooter game will take you back to the classic arcade action of games like 1942. iFighter is a fun and challenging take on old-school flying shooter games.

Brushes for iPhone

You'll be impressed with what you can do with Brushes, a $5 mobile studio in your pocket that lets you sketch or paint anywhere, anytime. The app sports a number of impressive features wrapped up in a really simple and efficient interface.

Myst for iPhone

The puzzle-based adventure game has made it to the iPhone and iPod touch, and it's a successful transition. If you like playing at your own speed while solving puzzles and riddles, then you're sure to enjoy Myst

Car Jack Streets for iPhone

This game owes a lot to Grand Theft Auto. But it's still an immersive experience with clever graphics, easy-to-use controls, and nice touches. Car Jack Streets offers endless hours of gameplay.

Tasty for iPhone

Succont has done a really good job of bringing access to the Delicious social bookmarking service to the iPhone with Tasty, which sports a simple and intuitive interface -- and a steep price tag.

TouchTodo for iPhone

This robust task manager lets you sync tasks with due dates to your Google Calendar.

Photo fx for iPhone

Whether you are a professional photographer or just like to snap the occasional photo to share with family and friends, Photo fx is a must have and definitely worth the low purchase price.

Analytics App for iPhone

Analytics App puts Google Analytics in the palm of your hand, giving you instant access to all your Web sites and the data reports you crave. It’s a must-have if you’re looking for a way to access Web metrics on the go.

Review: Artist’s Touch for iPhone

Even the least artistic iPhone and iPod touch user can turn their photos into beautiful works of art with Artamata’s Artist’s Touch image-editing tool.