HoloSnaps for iPhone

This app features an attractive and easy to use interface, and the holo-cards it creates are pretty cool. Be warned, though, that it suffers from a minor-though-annoying bug.

Talking Carl for iPhone

Clever animations and interactivity make this app a nice diversion -- especially for kids.

Doodle Buddy for iPhone and iPad

Whether you use the iPhone or iPad version, this app is a fun way to doodle away without all the trappings and higher learning curves of more sophisticated painting applications in the App Store.

Camera For iPad mobile app

If you wish the iPad came with its own camera, this app offers a bit of a work-around. Running on both your iPad and your iPhone, Camera For iPad lets the former device control the latter's camera via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Penultimate for iPad

This note-taker for the iPad makes it easy to scrawl out quick notes or sketches with your finger. But a lack of options makes it hard to consider Penultimate a great note-taking or drawing app.

Brushes iPad Edition

The iPhone version of this painting app was outstanding, and the iPad offering lives up to its predecessor. This app is one of the most intuitive and exciting ways to paint or draw and a must-have for anyone with a creative bent.

ToonPaint for iPhone

For turning photos into cartoon-like portraits, there's no better option than this app, which makes the process both easy and fun.

My Spot Pro for iPhone

This app, which allows you to e-mail your precise location to friends and contacts, can come in handy for easily letting people know where you are.

Fishing Kings for iPhone

With over 33 species of fish to catch, beautiful graphics, and an intuitive control system, Fishing Kings will keep you coming back to your favorite fishing spots time and time again.

James Cameron's Avatar for iPhone

With the release of the Avatar game for the iPhone, Gameloft brings us back to the world of Pandora for yet another adventure.

Camera One for iPhone

If you like to take pictures with your iPhone, you're sure to get some use out of this app and the eight features it adds to the phone's built-in camera.

A Camera Queen for iPhone

Some of the 24 image-editing effects in this app are decent, but others are just not very good. As a result, A Camera Queen fails to distinguish itself from other mobile image editors in the App Store.

Pocket Legends for iPhone

The MMORPG genre gets a major kick start with the 3D fantastical Pocket Legends from Spacetime Studios.

Focalware for iPhone

This app calculates the position of the sun or moon at any time in any location around the world. This type of on-hand information is quite helpful to photographers in planning their shoots, and Focalware displays it in a pleasant, easy-to-read interface.

ProOnGo Expense for iPhone

This handy app offers several automated features for anyone who needs to track their expenses on the go.