Robocalypse for iPhone

For a winning mix of classic real-time strategy gameplay, online multiplayer options, and humorous dialogue, this $1 iPhone and iPod touch game certainly deserves a look.

Defender Chronicles for iPhone

This excellent tower defense game stands out from the crowd with its role-playing-game elements, great graphics, and challenging strategy.

iSketch for iPhone

This simple drawing app is well-designed and easy to use. But if you're looking for a serious image editor or painting app, iSketch won't satisfy your needs.

Final Fantasy II for iPhone

Final Fantasy is the granddaddy of all RPGs and is often cited as the series that kick-started the whole genre. Final Fantasy II was released in 1998 and expands on the success of the first. Now Square Enix has ported the classic fantasy RPG to the iPhone for an old school trip down memory lane—with your trusted sword.

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard for iPhone

If creating custom postcards anytime sounds like fun, give this app a try, as it combines great software design with stunning imagery.

Skater Nation for iPhone

Skater Nation from Gameloft is a full featured skating game fans of the Tony Hawk series are sure to appreciate. The game provides an open-world environment consisting of ten different locations ranging from skate parks to beaches to other well-realized locales. All the locations look great and are loaded with ramps, rails and other surfaces to skate, grind, and jump over.

Rogue Planet for iPhone

Rogue Planet from Gameloft is a turn based strategy game that seeks to take the crown as king of the genre for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With it’s involving story line, strategic gameplay and upcoming online play, Gameloft may have succeeded.

My Color for iPhone

This app does exactly what it promises -- make it easy to select colors from a picture and save their RBG and HEX numbers. But it would have been nicer had My Color gone beyond this basic functionality.

V1 Golf for iPhone

Avid golfers will appreciate V1 Golf, which helps you analyze your swing with the help of the iPhone's built-in camera.

Picfree for iPhone

This app, which lets you send picture messages to friends, is very easy to use and can really save you some money on texting fees. It offers iPod touch and original iPhone users a way to mimic the MMS capabilities of other mobile devices.

Tripod Camera for iPhone

This app add some nice options to the iPhone's camera -- most notably an anti-tilt feature that keeps your shot level no matter what -- and makes a nice addition to any shutterbug's tool-set.

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front for iPhone

Uncle Sam stripped your brother of his Medal of Honor. In this WWII combat simulator, you need to find out why.

Doom II RPG for iPhone

Instead of the normal "run-and-gun" mayhem, Doom II RPG is a turn-based role playing game with more emphasis on strategy and dungeon crawling than pure gunplay.

Voices for iPhone

For just a buck, this voice-morphing app proves to be a decent source of entertainment.

iTimeLapse Pro for iPhone

If you've ever wanted to make your own time-lapse videos or even a cool stop-motion animation, look no further than this app. With iTimeLapse Pro, you can easily create your own masterpieces straight from your iPhone and share them with the world.