Asphalt 5 for iPhone

With the release of Asphalt 5, Gameloft careens its way into the upper echelon of arcade style racing games on the iPhone. This racer lets you blaze down streets at break neck speeds, smash into cars, collect power-ups, find shortcuts and launch into huge jumps.

Enigmo 2 for iPhone

This awesome puzzle game will have you playing for hours on end. If you have a little patience and are up for a challenge, grab Enigmo 2.

Ravensword: The Fallen King for iPhone

Published by Chillingo and developed by Crescent Moon Games, this adventure RPG looks to take gaming on the iPhone to the next level with stunning graphics and a vast world to explore.

Super Monkey Ball 2 for iPhone

Super Monkey Ball was one of the first games to hit the App Store back in August 2008 but received mixed critical response. But with Super Monkey Ball 2, Sega finally delivers a fun monkey-rolling experience for the iPhone.

iBlast Moki for iPhone

This physics puzzler is full of charm, challenging puzzles, and nearly endless replay value.

Dungeon Hunter for iPhone

If you've been yearning for a Diablo-style RPG game for your iPhone or iPod touch, grab Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter. It serves up all the hack-and-slash goodness you can handle.

ColorMagic for iPhone

If you're looking to make a photo stand out through selective desaturation, this mobile image-editing app from Molinker is a good choice for the job.

Monopoly for iPhone

The classic capitalistic board game makes its way to the iPhone and iPod touch. And it turns out to be a fun stroll down memory lane.