Alive 4-Ever for iPhone

Everything about this zombie survival game is highly polished, from the music and effects to the controls. Alive 4-Ever is the king of its genre.

Medieval for iPhone

The App Store features plenty of castle defense games. Medieval is one of the more stellar offerings.

Must Eat Birds for iPhone

This original game offers a good challenge and even some laughs, as you try to keep birds from devouring your delectable desserts.

Crazy Machines for iPhone

This physics-based puzzle game requires you to build elaborate machines out of all kinds of objects. Crazy Machines offers loads of challenging puzzles that put your problem solving skills and creativity to the test.

Worms for iPhone

First released in 1995, this turn-based combat game has arrived on the iPhone. There are some small annoyances, mostly with controls, but overall, Worms is a pretty good game with its own unique charm.

Leaf Bound for iPhone

There's not a lot of replay value to keep you coming back to this vertical jumping game. But Leaf Bound is still entertaining, and a fun way to pass the time when you're standing in line.

Westbang for iPhone

With its frantic and challenging play, Westbang is a fun and addictive tap shooter that's full of action.

Triazzle for iPhone

If you're a fan of puzzles, Triazzle is a must-have. With its pleasing graphics, relaxing music, and unlimited amount of time to solve each puzzle, the game lulls you into a zen like state far from stress.

Private Pics for iPhone

If you've got photos on your iPhone or iPod touch that you want to keep out of the public view, both the free and paid versions of Private Pics can meet your needs.

Lion Pride for iPhone

Add Lion Pride to the ranks of excellent line-drawing games for the iPhone and iPod touch. This game, in which you keep a pride of hungry lions fed by drawing lines to their prey, features nice graphics, good sound, and plenty of fun.

Layers for iPhone

With its support for multiple layers and the ability to export PSD files, Layers is an excellent app.

ImagePro for iPhone

This simple app does just one thing -- search for Google Images via your mobile device. But it does that one thing pretty well.

Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone

A turn-based game with role-playing elements sprinkled in, Wolfenstein RPG is a must-have for action fans who like a little humor in their games.

Dirt Moto Racing for iPhone

Careening its way onto your iPhone or iPod touch with loads of high-octane, heart-pounding action, this $5 ATV racing game takes the checkered flag.

Joyland Bounce for iPhone

In Joyland Bounce, you control a bouncing orange ball trying to gather up stars that have fallen from the sky. It's a simple concept that some players may tire of quickly, though the game does boast 35 levels and interesting animation.