DrawRace for iPhone

This racing game -- in which you draw a path around the track that your race car follows -- stands out with its great graphics, sound, replay value, and a unique concept.

Rise of Lost Empires

Gameloft has managed to strike the right balance between real-time strategy gameplay and lots of action with Rise of Lost Empires. The game does away with some of the more tedious aspects of the genre so that you can focus on the fast-moving though still strategic action.

X2 Soccer 2009 for iPhone

Developer X2 games has captured the spirit of soccer on the iPhone and iPod touch. X2 Soccer 2009 sets a high bar for other sports-themed games.

Colors for iPhone

A vibrant online community of artists is the greatest strength of this painting app. Unfortunately, Colors' clunky, frustrating behavior keeps it from being an enjoyable app to use.

Grunts for iPhone

With 40 levels, different types of missions, and cool graphics and sounds, Freeverse's Grunts is a fun, challenging game for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Zenonia for iPhone

With more than 40 hours of gameplay, hundreds of unique items per character, tons of quests, a complex story line, and weapon upgrades, the role-playing game Zenonia has few rivals when it comes to depth.

Midomi Music Identifier and Search for iPhone

This app can identify songs, whether they're playing on the radio or you're humming them into your iPhone. But more than that, Midomi puts a wealth of musical information at your fingertips.

Bed Bugs for iPhone

Fitting graphics, appropriate sound effects, and game that gets surprisingly challenging as you progress through its 28 levels makes Bed Bugs a fun addition to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Melodica for iPhone

There's a great idea behind Melodica, which lets users create music in a fun and easy way. But the app needs some updates to move from short-lived entertainment to outstanding app.

Castle of Magic for iPhone

Boasting amazing graphics and stunningly detailed 3-D worlds, Castle of Magic is certainly among the best-looking games in the App Store -- and arguably one of the most enjoyable to play.

TweetMic for iPhone

This Twitter app offers its own unique way of using the microblogging service, by letting you record and publish audio tracks directly to your Twitter account.

Ant Hill for iPhone

This simulation game lets you rule over ants. Despite updates granting new powers over your six-legged subjects, there's just not enough in Ant Hill to hold your attention for very long.

Sonifi for iPhone

This app uses the accelerometer and touch controls to let you create your own techno mix, even if your musical abilities are minimal.

Streetball for iPhone

There's room for improvement with Streetball, particularly when it comes to adding new features. But this basketball game offers fun for hoops fanatics.

People Celebrity News Tracker for iPhone

The mobile version of the celebrity magazine delivers what it promises. Unfortunately, that includes ads, even though this app costs $2.