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Nikon prepares seven coolpix cameras for launch

A 26x megazoom, two high-zoom pocket cameras, a sub-$200 touchscreen model, and three more Coolpix cameras are among Nikon's point-and-shoot announcements for 2010.

Fujifilm's new point-and-shoot cameras include EXR units and megazoom

More than a dozen new FinePix cameras will hit shelves in early 2010, including a 30X optical-zoom model, three pocket megazooms, and six sub-$200 models.

Olympus unveils 30x megazoom and tougher cameras

Hot on the heels of Fujifilm's 30x optical zoom camera announcement, Olympus rolled out its high-zoom heir to the SP-590 UZ's throne.

Panasonic adds features to higher-end Lumix cameras

They aren't radical departures from their 2009 predecessors, but a handful of new Panasonic point-and-shoots add welcome new features: manual controls, fast focusing, and GPS.

New Pentax cameras look really good

Pentax was quiet at CES this year, but that silence just ended with a bang, announcing three additions to its Optio point-and-shoot camera line.

Samsung unveils GPS pocket megazoom and four more cameras

Samsung's just-announced pocket megazooms offer a solid combination of gee-whiz features and manual controls

Kodak's new cameras are built for socializing

This batch of cameras announced at CES promise easier uploading and sharing capabilities.

Camera trends come into focus for 2010

Now that many manufacturers have offically announced their early-2010 product lines for point-and-shoot cameras, PC World's Tim Moynihan connects the dots on what to expect for the rest of the year.

Olympus unveils pocket zooms and rugged cameras

Olympus's new point-and-shoots include a ruggedized, HD-video-shooting Stylus Tough model and pocketable high-zoom cameras.

New HD pocket camcorders from Sanyo, Sony, and Kodak

At CES, three new HD pocket camcorders have surfaced, all of which do things a bit differently.

Rounding up the newest digital cameras

Touchscreen cameras, dual-screen point-and-shoots, even a pocket mega-zoom with a high-speed burst mode: Here are the newest cameras from Panasonic, Casio, Sony, and Samsung.

Casio adds high-speed shooting to camera

Casio has one of the more exciting camera announcements at CES 2010 thus far: the High Speed Exilim EX-FH100, a 10X-optical-zoom pocket megazoom camera.

Sony Cyber-shots full of surprises

Wireless transfers, powerful lenses, SD/SDHC card slots, GPS receivers, and touchscreens are all on tap for Sony's 2010 camera lineup.

Panasonic Lumix cameras go high-capacity

Anyone awaiting a new Micro Four-Thirds camera from Panasonic will be disappointed, but the company did announce six new point-and-shoot cameras at CES.

Samsung cameras: liquid-formed, dual-screened, Wi-Fi-connected

Samsung's new cameras expand on features from its 2009 line: dual screens, wireless connectivity, AMOLED displays, gesture-controlled touchscreens, stylish looks, and radical designs.