DST change appears to be smooth in the US

The early change this year to daylight-saving time has gone relatively smoothly, according to most sources, despite eleventh-hour changes in strategy at some companies.

Legal experts to Steve Jobs: iPhone your lawyers

Trademark lawyers say Cisco Systems seems to have a strong case against Apple in its trademark infringement suit over the iPhone name.

Report blames Denver election woes on flawed software

Poor software design, serious IT management inefficiencies and an untested deployment of a critical application were all major factors in last month’s Election Day problems in Denver, according to a scathing report from an IT consultant.

Get Firefox 2.0 early from Mozilla's FTP servers

The Mozilla Foundation has posted a public release of Firefox 2.0, the new version of its Web browser now with anti-phishing controls and more -- publicly on its FTP servers, ahead of an update to its Web site expected tomorrow.

What you need to know about stock options, backdating

Corporate scandals over the backdating of stock options may have left you confused about the practice. Here's a primer about what it is and why it's bad.

Could a 30-in. monitor help you do your job faster?

A study commissioned by Apple concludes that a 30-inch display can help boost worker productivity, but not everyone agrees.

Pretexting ban signed into law in California

Although the U.S. Congress hasn't voted on issue, pretexting is now illegal in the state of California, thanks to a law signed by the state's governor.

Firefox use growing around the world, study says

After a brief period of little growth this spring, The Mozilla Foundation’s open-source Firefox Web browser is again gaining ground.

AOL lays off 1,300 workers in the U.S.

AOL Tuesday said it will lay off 1,300 workers at AOL customer service call centers in Arizona, Utah and Florida.

New Hampshire says FBI probe shows no data breach

The FBI has concluded that a password recovery program found on a New Hampshire government server was never activated.

Group protests e-mails blocked by AOL

AOL is being accused of purposely blocking emails from a group opposed to its email tax.

Study: US government should encourage e-recycling

The federal government needs to make it cheaper for businesses and people to recycle electronic equipment, says a federal agency.

Hacker hits university employee records server

About 1,600 current and former employees of the University of Georgia are being notified that their Social Security numbers, stored on a campus server, may have been seen by a hacker operating from a foreign country. In an announcement yesterday, the Athens-based school said the security breach was discovered Sept. 19 by university IT staffers and that the intrusion was stopped. No credit card information was accessed during the incident, the university said.

US burger chain beefs up free Wi-Fi to 243 stores

The Krystal Co., a U.S. hamburger chain, has expanded free Wi-Fi access to all of its 243 company-owned locations.

PalmSource posts Q4 profit but still plans job cuts

Palmsource, which develops the operating system software used by Palm-compatible handhelds and smartphones, posted a net income for its fiscal fourth quarter but plans to cut 16 percent of its U.S. workforce.