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Tom Kaneshige has been covering business and technology in Silicon Valley for two decades. As senior online writer at, Tom covers Silicon Valley culture, BYOD and consumer tech in the enterprise.

iPhone battery's bad rap

Has iPhone 4S battery life got you down? Stop complaining, says CIO's Tom Kaneshige, who says the new iPhone is the torchbearer for battery life among smartphones.

iPad touch screen

Hurdles remain for iPad use in healthcare

One hospital hasn't jumped on the iPad-in-healthcare craze yet. Critical desktop apps just don't render well on the iPad, while iCloud's security concerns cause "trepidation."

Steve Jobs and the power of inspiration

Art inspires. Humor inspires. Teamwork inspires. A greater purpose inspires. What are you doing to inspire your IT staff?

iPad goes to Hollywood

With apps like Sample Digital's dax|Mobile, the iPad is become a power player on Hollywood sets, according to CIO's Tom Kaneshige.

Apple gets serious about iPad security -- is it enough?

Apple is responding to security concerns among enterprise users about its iOS. But CIO's Tom Kaneshige wonders if the company's newfound interest in enterprise security goes far enough.

iPhone and iPad Security: Four basic tips to stay safe

While waiting for Apple to fix the 3.0 vulnerability, follow these four basic practices to avoid being bitten by malware.

iPad touch screen

Can the iPad cure what ails us?

Tom Kaneshige of CIO looks at a few ways that Texas Health Resources, a healthcare provider with 24 hospitals, is using the iPad to help clinicians spend more time with patients.

iPhone location tracking draws fire, shrugs

Tech analysts differ on the seriousness of the iPhone location-tracking controversy.

The Masters golf tournament tees off on iPhone, iPad

Golf fanatics can't afford to miss the sporting event unlike any other, so get the official Masters Golf Tournament apps for iPhone and iPad.

iPad in the enterprise: Three worries remain

When something is adopted as rapidly as the iPad has been in some businesses, it often leaves companies feeling more than a little panicked. Here are three pressing questions about the iPad, based on studies by Forrester Research.

Five awesome iPad productivity tools for under $5 highlights five tools that will improve your iPad productivity without putting a dent in your bank account.

Toyota's mobile app mandate -- iPhone, iPad first

CIO's Tom Kaneshige looks at Toyota's approach for developing mobile apps and while the automaker puts its focus on the iOS platform first.