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iPhone versus BlackBerry: Survey pits sexy against the suits

The "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" stereotypes in Apple's famous ad campaign have nothing on the findings from a new study of BlackBerry and iPhone owners.

New App Store rules good news for iPhone users

Apple's decision to let developers build in-app purchasing into free iPhone apps means the end of lite versions -- and that's good for consumers, CIO's Tom Kaneshige argues.

Verizon attack ad strikes at AT&T iPhone discontent

Verizon has a new TV ad that seems designed to appeal to iPhone users disgruntled with AT&T's coverage.

Five things that drive iPhone users crazy

Create with Context recently brought iPhone users to its Silicon Valley lab to observe how they interacted with iPhone apps. Researchers found that users became confused due to app and button inconsistencies, buttons with graphic designs that didn't reveal their functions, poorly laid out buttons, screen layouts that lacked visual cues, and, of course, ugly icons that blemished the home screen. CIO looks at the five most annoying app design flaws.

Mac engineers lament Snow Leopard in the enterprise

With Snow Leopard coming out earlier than expected, some engineers are not installing it, CIO's Tom Kaneshige reports. And they're bracing for the backlash from executives who may demand OS X 10.6 on their Mac machines.

Why Apple owns the high-end: First-mover advantage

CIO's Tom Kaneshige looks at how a company with as small a market share as Apple’s is able to thrive.

Racing toward an iPhone app

WhippleHill had a great idea for an iPhone app for its education customers, but not much development money to get it done. looks at how they combined their business acumen with some Stanford students' iPhone smarts to develop a new app on the cheap, although it still took six months.

Mac Software: Stepchild to Windows versions no more?

Growth of the Mac in the enterprise space may be forcing software makers to improve their support for Mac versions of their products, reports.

Macs in the Enterprise: ERP

Brian Keare stares at a complex dashboard on his Mac all day long, watching sales and inventory flow in and out of his small company in southern California. "Who...

Macs in the Enterprise: the Cost Factor

At A&E Television Networks, employees have to make a compelling case to get a Mac. More often than not, they're denied.

Windows geeks warm to Macs

Macs are making great strides in the enterprise, reports.

What rumored layoffs mean for the Mac in enterprise

Reports of layoffs in Apple’s enterprise group are bad news for IT, says Tom Kaneshige of

Three nightmares when managing Macs in the enterprise

How hard is it managing Macs in the enterprise? Harder than you might think, says’s Tom Kaneshige.

A new etiquette for the iPhone generation

InfoWorld’s Tom Kaneshige muses on whether the iPhone, the tech symbol of the “in” crowd, is on the verge of crossing the line into excess and arrogance.

Mac security gets a business boost

As Macs enter the business world in increasing numbers, lack of good Mac encryption is becoming an issue for more and more IT departments.