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Krazit is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

CES: Nintendo puts Game Boy in autos with Visteon

Nintendo's Game Boy Advance titles will soon be playable on a portable in-car entertainment system.

CES : Sandisk unveils 'nano killer' music player

Sandisk hopes to chip away at Apple iPod market share with new Sansa music players unveiled at CES.

CES: Broadcom's new chip plays Blu-Ray and HD DVD

Broadcom has developed a chip that will play both HD DVD and Blu-Ray video content with a single device.

Microsoft, Google reach settlement over Lee dispute

Microsoft and Google have settled their differences over the hiring of Kai-Fu Lee as Google's head of research and development in China.

Apple, others, back new interface for displays

A new industry group is looking to replace VGA display interfaces with a new standard for connecting PCs to HDTVs.

IDC: 2006 PC growth to slow, but still above 10 percent

IDC believes PC growth in 2006 will slow from the strong pace set during 2005.

RIM goes on offensive in patent dispute with NTP

RIM's CEO thinks the U.S. patent office will soon issue final rulings invalidating NTP's patents, making it hard to shut down the BlackBerry service.

HP no longer feeling blu, to support HD-DVD

HP plans to support both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc, changing its stance as an exclusive supporter of Blu-ray.

AMD, IBM increase strain on 65-nanometer chips

Processor makers AMD and IBM will reveal new details about their 65nm chip-making technology at a meeting in Washington Tuesday.

HP Q4 revenue up, profits fall on layoff charges

Hewlett-Packard Co.’s fourth-quarter revenue rose on strong growth in PC and server shipments, but restructuring charges and a decline in revenue from consumer printers hurt its profitability for the quarter.

Intel brings virtualization to desktop chips

Intel Corp. is expected to unveil two new desktop processors on Monday that come with hardware support for virtualization technologies, but users won't be able to take advantage of that technology for some time.

Dell confirms disappointing Q3 results

Dell Inc.'s third-quarter revenue and earnings came in short of the company's original expectations, as it had warned last week.

Palm CEO reiterates commitment to Palm OS

The unrest among Palm OS developers over Palm Inc.’s forthcoming Windows Mobile-based Treo smart phone has prompted Palm President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Colligan to pen a letter to Palm’s developer community with promises to continue releasing Palm OS products.

AMD's legal chief lays out antitrust strategy

Papers are flying in legal offices around the world as a result of Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s (AMD) antitrust lawsuit against Intel Corp., filed earlier this year. The case is not expected to come to trial until next year — assuming it isn’t settled by then — but lawyers for both sides are formulating their arguments as documents and data start to flow from the almost 40 hardware industry companies subpoenaed by AMD.

Treo 650 to get BlackBerry software next year

Weeks after announcing plans to ship the BlackBerry software with a forthcoming phone from Nokia Corp., Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) is expected to announce Monday that Palm Inc. will install the push e-mail software on the Treo 650 starting early next year.