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Tom Negrino is the author of more than 40 books and a longtime contributor to Macworld. His latest book is iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition (Peachpit Press, 2013).

Review: Contribute CS4

For individual users of the standalone product, Contribute CS4 is not a worthy upgrade, due to the lack of compelling new features. Larger companies may benefit from the improved workflow options. But if you are pleased with Contribute CS3, you will probably not find the changes to be worth the upgrade cost.

Review: BBEdit 9.02

Additions to the venerable text editor will thrill long-time users, but hard-core HTML coders could still find some things lacking.

Review: SOHO Organizer 7.0.2

Chronos's SOHO Organizer 7.0.2 suite provides a feature-rich alternative to Apple's built-in that will appeal to business and power users

Spice up your slides

Tired of rehashing the same static presentations? Consider adding movement. Used judiciously, animations can add power and pizzazz to your presentations, and they can often illustrate a point better than words alone.

Microsoft Entourage 2008

If you’re outside of the corporate realm, and need a mail, calendar, and contact manager with lots of headroom and solid integration with the rest of the Office suite, Entourage provides a wealth of features that are deeper than Apple’s trio.

First Look: Entourage 2008

The latest version of Microsoft's e-mail, task, and calendar manager feels smoother and more elegant than previous editions, without sacrificing the power to which Entourage users have become accustomed. Tom Negrino shares his first impressions of Entourage 2008.

Smart Money

No matter how much money you have, you certainly want to be sure you’re managing it in the best way possible. And it just so happens that—thanks to financial software and the Web—your Mac is one of the best tools for doing so.

Top 10 Quicken tricks

Quicken has been the default personal finance manager of Mac users for years. But despite its ubiquity, many Quicken users aren't getting the most out of the program, because they don't know some simple tricks that can make it easier to use. Tom Negrino shares a list of 10 tricks every Quicken user -- from novices to experts -- should know.

Contribute CS3

Contribute CS3 is an appealing and justifiable upgrade for users of Contribute 3 or earlier versions, especially if you want to run the program on an Intel-based Mac. In many ways, Contribute CS3 is the upgrade that Contribute 4 should have been, especially in terms of Intel compatibility.

First Look: Creative Suite preview: Contribute CS3

In terms of new features, Contribute CS3 is a relatively minor revision to Contribute 4, which was released last fall. Tom Negrino profiles the big changes with this version, which are found under the hood and result in notably better performance across the board.

SiteAssist 3.0

SiteAssist 3.0.3 is a good choice for Dreamweaver designers who need to produce great-looking, functional sites quickly, and for those who lack the technical expertise to produce a full site from scratch.

Contribute 4.0

If you're a designer or IT manager and you want to roll out blogs to your user base while maintaining tight control of the look and operation of your sites, Contribute 4 is a very good choice. But if you own Contribute 3 and you're not interested in the new blogging features, then move along, because there's not much to see here.

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Tame e-mail

If you spend a lot of time dealing with the Web, chances are you have a cluttered inbox. Sometimes just deleting and archiving messages isn’t enough. So our crew of Mac experts offered up 15 ways to master your inbox and eliminate spam.