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E-book piracy: The publishing industry's next epic saga?

As e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle continue to rise, so follows the publishing industry's worst nightmare: e-book piracy.

Microsoft updates Bing with 'Visual Search' feature

Microsoft's Bing search engine is stepping up its assault on Google by introducing a new tool called Visual Search. Instead of displaying traditional lists of Web site search results Bing's Visual Search displays rows images of items that can be scrolled through via a slick interface.

Chrome OS may fail even as it changes computing forever

Google may not care if Chrome OS succeeds or fails, PC World’s Tom Spring says.

What happens to the data when an online storage site closes?

Online storage sites, the toast of the Internet circa 2006, are shutting down in droves, putting the data and images of their users in jeopardy.

A Facebook democracy? Users invited to shape site’s policies

On Thursday, Facebook announced a new approach to how the social networking site would create future policies impact user privacy.

iPhone app maker hit with Major League cease-and-desist order

Major League Baseball is crying foul over an iPhone app that it says infringes on MLB trademarks.

Get Ready for a crackdown on broadband use

As traffic increases, experts say ISPs may start charging by the gigabyte, limiting use of some services and snooping at the data passing through their networks.

PC World: More tech than you can handle at CES

PC World's Tom Spring looks at what to expect from this week's Consumer Electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

AC/DC bypasses iTunes; Should Apple care?

AC/DC’s decision to bypass the iTunes Store in favor of Verizon’s online service is part of a growing backlash against Apple’s online store, according to PC World’s Tom Spring.

PC World: Apple, AT&T modify store hours for iPhone

AT&T and Apple stores are planning longer hours to accommodate iPhone shoppers on June 29.

Engadget blunder sends Apple stock tumbling

An erroneous news report suggesting another delay in the iPhone and Leopard sent Apple stock tumbling on Wednesday.

Bill may save Internet radio

Two congressmen proposed a bill that would reverse a recent regulatory decision that nearly triples the amount of royalties Internet radio broadcasters are required to pay.

PC World FAQ: iTunes and DRM-free music

Our colleagues at PC World look at EMI's decision to drop DMR from their iTunes Store offerings and answer your frequently asked questions.

Net Watchdog: Seemingly unstoppable spam

The swarm of spam is increasing and it doesn't seem we will be able to stop it.