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Tony is principal analyst with the Bradley Strategy Group, providing analysis and insight on tech trends. He is a prolific writer on a range of technology topics, has authored a number of books, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.


Facebook breach highlights data security's "weakest link" syndrome

Facebook disclosed that sensitive data from as many as six million user accounts was exposed thanks to a year-long glitch.


There's really no such thing as a 'best' mobile provider

It’s easy to get bogged down in debates over which is mobile provider is best. All that matters is which provider best serves your particular needs.


Microsoft Office for iPhone is finally here, and it changes everything

Microsoft finally releases an Office version for iOS, making the iPhone even more viable as a productivity device.

Pros and cons of opening iOS to third-party developers

Some users may be salivating over the possibility that Apple will make iOS more open, but there are potential negative consequences as well.

Three ways to imagine an Apple 'iWatch'

Speculation is rampant about an Apple smartwatch. Here are three possible concepts.

Keep your VIPOrbit apps in sync

A new service from VIPOrbit helps keep your contacts synced between your iPhone and iPad.

Apple can benefit from lukewarm Windows 8 reception

The tepid launch of Windows 8 and the reluctance of many to embrace the new OS could lead SMBs to switch to Mac OS X.


Why an iPad Mini might be the right tablet for you

The iPad Mini is rumored to be imminent, and if it's anything like it's larger sibling it could be a game changer for the tablet market.


Managing contacts on the iPad

PCWorld's Tony Bradley continues to experiment with the iPad as his only computing device, turning his attention to the best way to manage contacts on his tablet.

Analysis: Nokia-Microsoft alliance is a win for Apple

PCWorld's Tony Bradley says the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft will impact the smartphone market, and may end Nokia's legal battle with Apple.

Microsoft Office is just what the iPad needs

The iPad is "magic" and all that, but it is not without its flaws and weaknesses--many of which I expect Apple will address with the next incarnation of the...

Open letter to Facebook on privacy

Tony Bradley offers Facebook some unsolicited advice to the social networking service as it deals with a public backlash about its privacy policies.

iPad Killer? We can't even get an iPad challenger

HP seems to have conceded the tablet war before it even began by terminating the Slate project.

Microsoft agreement with HTC sends a message to Apple

While Microsoft's licensing deal with smartphone maker HTC may send the over message that the company is going after Android, PCWorld's Tony Bradley thinks Microsoft may be coming to HTC's defense and firing a warning shot across Apple's bow.

Weighing the economic impact of net neutrality

Tony Bradley thinks the debate over net neutrality is boiling down to an argument over economics as different sides paint vastly different visions of the economic outlook for the broadband and Internet industries should the FCC impose net neutrality guidelines.