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Tony is principal analyst with the Bradley Strategy Group, providing analysis and insight on tech trends. He is a prolific writer on a range of technology topics, has authored a number of books, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Why the 3G iPad is the ideal mobile business tool

The coming arrival of 3G connectivity to the iPad fundamentally shifts the debate toward using Apple's device as a business tool, PCWorld's Tony Bradley contends.

Opinion: Google in unique position to deliver 'iPad killer'

Google hasn't announced an Andorid-based tablet. But if it did, PCWorld's Tony Bradley says, the company is uniquely positioned to challenge Apple and its iPad.

FCC pursues broadband agenda in spite of legal setback

While a US district court may have ruled against the FCC's effort to impose its will on Comcast, the ruling won't have any broader implications regarding the agency's authority, says PCWorld's Tony Bradley.

Must-have iPad apps for business professionals

PCWorld's Tony Bradley focuses on iPad apps that business users should download to make the most of Apple's new device.