Radioshift 1.5 adds more stations, better streaming

The latest update to Rogue Amoeba's Internet radio app broadens your listening options and improves your ability to record a stream.

Runtime Revolution 4.0 offers new Web-authoring option

The latest version of this cross-platform software-creation environment allows developers to deploy apps directly to the Web.

Livestream's new service streams live video to the iPhone

Livestream extended the reach of its free video-streaming service by providing a gateway to the iPhone and iPod touch using the built-in H.264 HTTP live streaming in QuickTime.

Food IQ for iPhone

Not only this app allow you to keep a log of every morsel you eat and a detailed nutritional breakdown of those morsels, it also lets you track your exercise, your weight, your blood glucose level, and even your medications. Recent updates have improved the interface, making it a solid health tracker for the data-obsessed.

New Mac 'game' plays Russian roulette with your files

An artist tries to get gamers to think about their actions by creating an arcade-style game for the Mac that purposely deletes files from your hard drive as you score points.

Consumer Reports readers love the Apple Store

Respondents to a CR survey rank Apple Stores high among walk-in electronics retailers, even while grousing about the price of the merchandise.