View Pages files in Windows

Sometimes you're forced to send Pages (or other iWork) files to Windows-using colleagues. Here's how they can view those files on their PCs.

Hide application data folders

Hate applications that clutter your user folder with folders of their own? You can hide them from view without confusing the application; here's how.

Copy math results from Spotlight

You probably know you can do calculations with Spotlight. You may not know how to then copy those results wherever you wish.

View PDFs in Chrome

When browsing PDFs online, it's nice to read them in your browser, instead of downloading and opening them in Preview or some other app. Safari reads PDFs by default; here's how to make Google Chrome do the same thing.

Shortcuts to FaceTime

If you use Facetime to chat with friends, here are a few shortcuts that'll make doing so easier and faster.

Automatically shut off Airport

When you connect an Ethernet cable to your Mac, do you still need Airport? If not, these scripts will turn it off automatically.

Rename sequential files in the Finder

If you rename a file in the Finder, the focus will shift to its new position in the folder list. If you're renaming a bunch of files at once, that can be a hassle. Here's a way to keep it from happening

Set view options for disk images

Snow Leopard defaults to Icons view whenever you open a disk image. Here's a way to open it in whatever view you want.

Get rid of the Ping drop-down

Don't like that Ping drop-down that appeared in iTunes 10? Wish you could have those old arrows that took you to the iTunes Store? Here's how to make Ping go away and get the arrows back.

Restart Safari plug-ins, not Safari

Sometimes Safari will hang because a plug-in (commonly Flash) is hanging. Here's a way to make Safari responsive again without completely closing it.

Clean up Web pages Safari Reader can't

Safari's Reader feature is a nice way to remove extraneous graphics and other elements from Web pages, leaving only text to read. But it doesn't work on all Web pages. Here's a way to do the same thing on any page you want.

Replace iTunes 10's gray color-scheme

If you dislike iTunes 10's new drab, gray color scheme, here's a way to replace it with a high-contrast alternative.

Maintain window positions in Spaces

If you want to move an application window from one space to another, and have it occupy the same spot in the new one that it did in the old, here's how.

Restore the old iTunes interface

iTunes 10 turns the close, minimize, and maximize buttons sideways and shrinks the program's title bar. Here's a way to get the old interface back.

Shorten URLs with an Automator service

Many of us shorten URLs all the time these days, to make them easier to share (particularly on Twitter and other social networks). Here's an easy way to shorten any URL in any application.