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William Porter is an independent software developer, writer and photographer in Dallas, Texas.

Review: FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 12

With new versions of its entire FileMaker product line, FileMaker, Inc. extends its dominance of the Mac OS and iOS database world by offering improvements that will be valued by every type of FileMaker user.

The art of printing in Bento

While Bento 3 is not really designed for extensive printing, you can print very well from it if you use the right techniques. Our database expert William Porter walks us through the basics.

FileMaker Pro printing secrets

While database entry is generally an on-screen operation, what if you have to print your database? Filemaker Pro expert Will Porter offers some tips.


Tumblr is easy to use and customize, feature-rich, and offers a lot of latitude for posts and pictures.


As a blogging tool, TypePad might appeal to almost anybody. But it likely has the most to offer users who take blogging seriously as a venue for personal publishing, as a means to promote businesses, or even as a way to make money.

FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 11

A year after the release of the FileMaker 10 database program, version 11 has arrived, with new tools and great new features that make it even easier to use.

MacJournal 5.1

If you want to organize and record your thoughts, have them all in one place, and keep them private, there's nothing better on the Mac than MacJournal.

Nisus Writer Pro 1.4

For an awful lot of users, including users with advanced document-production needs, Nisus Writer Pro is a solid and very satisfactory alternative to Word.

Pagehand 1.0

Basic word processor features an elegant user interface.

Mellel 2.6

Do you outline your thank-you notes, number (and then renumber) the items on your shopping lists, or use footnotes in e-mail? Then Mellel is probably the word processor for you. Writers of long technical documents will love the control that Mellel offers over outlines, cross-references, footnotes, table of contents generation, figures, and more.

Review: FileMaker Pro 10 and Pro Advanced 10

There’s something for everyone in the latest version of the Mac’s most popular database tool. Thanks to the changes in FileMaker 10, developers can now be more responsive to user actions, while users can now customize certain aspects of the database without having to call in a developer.

First Look: FileMaker Pro 10

FileMaker unveiled new versions of its flagship database product. After taking a look at FileMaker 10, William Porter thinks the upgrade offers lots of gain and almost no pain for developers and end-users alike.

Review: Bento 2

FileMaker’s personal database app boasts a number of significant improvements in this new version, including better data import and export, enhancements to the spreadsheet-like table view, and on-the-fly customization of forms. Because of those changes, Bento has matured into a very useful application.

The iCal challenge

While the calendar-oriented person can’t be in two places at once, the task-oriented person could well be working on three (or 13) projects simultaneously. For the task-oriented person, 80 percent of success is managing competing demands on time, and you may need more power and flexibility than iCal’s to-do list provides.

Review: iCal 3.0.3

For the price, and for most users, there is no better calendar application and calendaring system for the Mac OS. It's a bit weak in the task-management department, but even business users may now find that iCal can manage everybody's calendars easily, effectively, and economically.