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William Porter is an independent software developer, writer and photographer in Dallas, Texas.

Review: Sunbird 0.8

If you use Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client, or if you need to access a calendar on a server from different computers running different operating systems, or if you need a bit more help than iCal provides for managing your tasks, Sunbird is definitely worth a look. And Sunbird is free.

Review: GyazMail 1.5 e-mail software

Now at version 1.5.7, GyazMail’s price hasn’t changed in three years (it’s still $18), which is very good indeed. Unfortunately, though, not much else about GyazMail has changed either.

Review: Thunderbird 2 e-mail software

It doesn't integrate with Mac OS X as well as Apple's Mail, but Mozilla's Thunderbird is a very capable e-mail client. Thunderbird's support for tags makes it easy to organize the hundreds of emails in your mailbox.

FileMaker Pro 9

For new buyers, FileMaker Pro 9 is the most attractive version of the product ever. But, should current users upgrade? For most, the answer is yes. For those users who work with FileMaker a lot, version 9 is the third home run FileMaker has hit in its last four times at bat.

First Look: First Look: FileMaker Pro 9

Earlier this week, FileMaker announced a major update to its family of database products. William Porter takes a first look at the changes in FileMaker Pro 9, led by its newfound support for live two-way connections to SQL databases.

FileMaker Pro 8.5

This modest upgrade won't matter to every database user. However, the Web Viewer is a sweet addition that's easy to set up for databases that can make use of the new feature. And the speed increases brought about by FileMaker 8.5 -- particularly for Intel-based Macs -- are worth the update cost by themselves.

FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced

Anybody doing development work in FileMaker Pro 7 Developer, and anybody who skipped version 7, should upgrade to FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced as soon as possible. The usability enhancements in FileMaker Pro 8 are compelling enough to pique the interest of end-users, but the indirect benefits of FileMaker 8 may be even greater.

First Look: FileMaker Pro 8

The latest version of FileMaker introduces a number of new features aimed at improving the user experience and extending the database application's ability to share data. Database developer William Porter takes a first look at FileMaker Pro 8 and the new FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced to tell you what to expect from this update.

Mail 2.0

Mail 2 is free. If you have Tiger, you’ve already got it and I recommend you give it a try. If you’re using one of Mail’s commercial competitors like Eudora, Entourage, Mailsmith, PowerMail, or Gyaz Mail, you may not be persuaded to switch.

OmniOutliner 3 Professional

If you want a traditional outlining program with a great user interface that’s versatile, powerful and plays well with other applications, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better tool anywhere than OmniOutliner 3 Pro.

GyazMail 1.2

While it isn’t free, GyazMail’s $18 price tag is very reasonable. If Mail isn’t everything you need, odds are that GyazMail is.

Panorama V

Panorama V is best suited to people who work mainly with flat-file or only moderately complicated relational databases, who want ready–made data analysis tools, and who occasionally need a powerful programming language.

Mellel 1.8 and Nisus Writer Express 2.1

Looking for a word processor that has power where you need it but doesn’t come with a lot of noisy bells and whistles you never use? Two recently released OS X word processors offer competitive feature sets at very competitive prices.

Ulysses 1.1

If your writing process includes free-form note-taking and does not follow a preordained structure, Ulysses is an excellent writing environment.