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Contributing Editor Yardena (Denny) Arar is a San Francisco-based freelance writer, avid online shopper, media junkie, consummate foodie, and proud possessor of a private pilot's license.

Netgear announces fast Powerline network products

Home networking giant Netgear plans to introduce a 500 megabit-per-second line of HomePlug AV powerline products this fall.

Asus joins the e-reader party

Asus may be coming late to the e-reader party, but it's definitely thinking big.

Bookeen Cybook Opus

If you've been waiting for a no-frills e-book reader that's scarcely heavier than an iPhone, check out the Cybook Opus from Bookeen.

Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900BC

Sony's first wireless e-book reader, though pricey, offers first-rate newspaper support--but only if AT&T's service cooperates.