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Netgear announces fast Powerline network products

Home networking giant Netgear plans to introduce a 500 megabit-per-second line of HomePlug AV powerline products this fall.

Asus joins the e-reader party

Asus may be coming late to the e-reader party, but it's definitely thinking big.

Bookeen Cybook Opus

If you've been waiting for a no-frills e-book reader that's scarcely heavier than an iPhone, check out the Cybook Opus from Bookeen.

Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900BC

Sony's first wireless e-book reader, though pricey, offers first-rate newspaper support--but only if AT&T's service cooperates.

Vizio shows off powerhouse home entertainment lineup

Vizio made a big splash at CES with a huge lineup of HDTVs and home entertainment components.

GeffenTV tames your TV’s wild volume swings

Gefen is introducing what it bills as a remedy to the extremely annoying problem of volume swings.

LG TVs make new connections

LG's connected HDTVs are getting more connections, including support for Skype video calls.

Blio e-book platform: no reader (yet), but great graphics

Does the world need yet another e-book platform? Blio is another e-bok platform based on Microsoft technology.

iRiver unveils super-thin e-book

iRiver is hopping on to the increasingly crowded e-book reader bandwagon.

AOC L42H961

The 42-inch AOC Envision L42H961 LCD struggles with fast-motion content, but is otherwise a decent no-frills TV at a rock-bottom price.

Review roundup: E-book readers

The number of high-quality e-readers available is mushrooming. We tested seven and gave our highest marks to one that might surprise you.

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600

With the addition of ePub support, the Sony Reader Touch Edition shapes up as a formidable competitor to Amazon's Kindles.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition delivers mainstream e-book features in a highly portable package at a great price.

Interead Cool-ER

From its aspirational brand name to its hip tinted metallic case, Interead's Cool-ER e-book reader clearly strives to distinguish itself from the black-and-gray competition

Astak EZ Reader PocketPro

The Astak EZReader PocketPro has lots of great features for its price, but they don't make up for poor font options and subpar usability.