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Dan has been writing about all things Apple since 2006, when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. Since then he's covered most of the company's major product releases and reviewed every major revision of iOS. In his "copious" free time, he's usually grinding away on a novel or two.

siri primary hero

On the Mac, Siri has room to grow

Siri is on nearly every Apple device but the Mac, but its debut on the desktop has the potential to change everything.

vlc mobile3

How the FCC's moves could give Apple TV a new lease on life

Apple might get an assist from the government in the "battle for Input 1."


The smart home isn't yet where Apple's heart is

HomeKit is a great start, but it isn't the connected home hub we've been looking for.

new macbook primary

A Mac for all seasons: Why the Mac has so much staying power

It's always iPhone this and iPad that, but as the sturdy workhorse of Apple's lineup, the Mac deserves some praise.

Samsung VR

It's interesting that Apple would mention virtual reality

In this week's Q1 2016 earnings conference call, Tim Cook said just a few words about VR, but the words he chose say a lot.

1 apple watch

What would make the Apple Watch 2 compelling?

The rumored new features just aren't that exciting.

apple night shift ios stock

Does iOS 9.3 herald a new release strategy?

With the maturity of the smartphone market, Apple may be taking a different approach to upgrading iOS.

iphone6s peek

Why the iPhone 7 could (and should!) be waterproof

Preventing water damage not only keeps customers happy, but benefits Apple itself.

appletv new apple remote hand mainmenu

Why I'm willing to wait for an Apple TV streaming service

Apple makes products people want to buy, whether they also use the company's services or not.

appletv siri remote hand primary

What the Apple TV needs to improve: It's personal

Apple Music and Apple News attempt to get to know you. Not so much with the new Apple TV.

mac app store

The Mac App Store: Not gone, but certainly forgotten

Mac developers have been frustrated with many limitations of the store for years, and it certainly doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention from Apple.

apple watch 42 mm stainless steel with white sport band

Six months with the Apple Watch

Dan Moren's Apple Watch isn't getting any younger, and it isn't getting any faster either, even with watchOS 2.

iphone 5 6 6plus comparison

Good iPhones can come in small packages

Is the rebirth of the 4-inch iPhone on the horizon? It's not as far-fetched as it may seem.

apple music iphone

Apple's services could use a little service

The services group made $5.1 billion in revenue last quarter. Time to invest in better performance.

iphone 6s 6splus

How Apple's positioned to offer cheap data at home and abroad

International roaming charges are too darn high. But Apple could shake up the status quo if it brings the Apple SIM from the iPad to the iPhone.