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David has been covering Apple and how to get the most out of its products since 2005. Now a freelance tech writer, he runs Finer Things in Tech, jots down thoughts at DavidChartier.com, occasionally starts outlining the great American tech novel, and might still get to snowboard Breckenridge one more time.

New York Times 3.0 for iPhone gets more content

A major upgrade to The New York Times's official iPhone app brings access to almost all of the Website's content sections, including videos and photo slideshows. This upgrade also arrives on the eve of the news organization's controversial new digital subscription plans.

Maclocks announces security lock for MacBook Air

The MacBook Air thin, light, and portable design is appealing to both on-the-go customers and those who prefer five-finger discounts. Apple didn't build in a standard notebook security lock port, so accessory maker Maclocks took matters into its own hands.

Sparrow 1.1 gets IMAP support, Gmail Priority Inbox

The first major update to this unique, streamlined e-mail client allows it to work with any IMAP service, in addition to Gmail. Over half a dozen other useful additions make this a welcome release.

Take a photo of yourself every day with Everyday

Always wanted to create one of those "photo of myself every day" videos, but haven't had the motivation or equipment? A new app called Everyday turns your iPhone or iPod touch into your simple, narcissistic photo and video companion.

FlickStackr brings AirPlay to Flickr videos

A minor update to this feature-packed Flickr client brings AirPlay support for Flickr videos.

Incase Coated Canvas Backpack

Incase has updated its standard backpack with a unique coated-canvas material and other perks, including a dedicated iPad sleeve.

New York Times announces App Store, Web subscriptions

Pre-announced more than a year ago, The New York Times has finally unveiled its plans for a paywall, as well as a new series of Digital Subscription Plans for unlimited access via its iPhone and iPad apps.

Time Warner Cable lets iPad users stream live TV

Time Warner Cable has become the first major U.S. cable provider to offer live TV streaming to the iPad. More than 30 channels are available at launch, though this initial version is not without some drawbacks.

Google revamps iOS search app

Google has renamed and revamped its primary search app for iOS. New gestures bring flexibility to the interface and your search results, and improvements across the app make this a useful upgrade.

Report: Japan Apple Store offers power, support, shelter

The terrible tragedy of the earthquake in Japan is still unfolding. As citizens and organizations around the world lend a hand, one retail employee of an Apple Store in Japan offers some on-the-ground anecdotes of how Apple is doing its part.

How to make Gmail work well with Mail

Apple's Mail and Gmail don't get along very well, as anyone who has tried to use the latter with the former knows. They each take very different approaches to managing e-mail, but with a little configuring and planning, you can work out the kinks.

Instapaper 3.0 gets social, deeper search

A major upgrade to the popular app for reading content offline brings a slew of new features. You can now follow friends to find more articles to read, share your favorite articles to a larger number of services, and search the contents of the articles on your device.

Apple releases GarageBand for iOS

Apple has released GarageBand for iPad, a full-featured music playing, recording, and editing suite. Seasoned musicians can plug in their own instruments or play virtual Touch Instruments, but even budding stars can get creative with Smart Instruments that make music accessible to all skill levels.

Apple releases iMovie for iOS

On Thursday, Apple released a major update to its iMovie app, adding support for the iPad 2 and a myriad of new features. The app sports a completely redesigned interface, precision editing tools, new multitouch gestures, support for multiple audio tracks, and more.

Iconfactory adds some Flare to your photos

The iPhone has enjoyed a slew of photo apps that make it easy to add style and effects with just a tap or two. Now the trend is coming back to the Mac, and The Iconfactory has taken its shot with Flare.