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David has been covering Apple and how to get the most out of its products since 2005. Now a freelance tech writer, he runs Finer Things in Tech, jots down thoughts at DavidChartier.com, occasionally starts outlining the great American tech novel, and might still get to snowboard Breckenridge one more time.

Apple App Store

Apple launches long-awaited subscriptions for App Store

Apple on Tuesday announced subscriptions for the App Store -- a feature that debuted first in News Corp.'s "The Daily" digital magazine earlier this month.

Apple releases 2011 Supplier Responsibility report

Apple has released a new Supplier Responsibility report, which offers details of the audits, employee training, and disciplinary measures that the company is using to improve working conditions among its suppliers and manufacturers.

Developers split over Mac App Store license swaps

A handful of Mac developers with newer apps have taken it upon themselves to swap users' existing licenses for Mac App Store equivalents. Macworld spoke to developers on both sides of this fence.

iPad, iPhone changing where, when we read

The man who runs the Read It Later service says that mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad are shifting when and where people are reading content -- a trend that could affect how publishers present content.

Echofon iOS Twitter client gets mute, image previews

A strong update brings an iPad interface and all features to both its free and paid versions, and gains useful features like the ability to mute other users or keywords.

Instapaper coming to more apps near you

The increasingly popular Instapaper service now provides full access to its features and your saved articles for third-party developers, but with a clever twist.

The Verizon iPhone 4 launches to mixed lines

Despite dead-of-winter weather across much of the U.S., some lines did form in front of stores for the public launch of the Verizon iPhone 4. Most customers, however, probably took advantage of online ordering from the comforts of their homes.

Apple opens up iPhone 4 orders, Walmart joins fray

Apple and Verizon have started taking orders and in-store reservations for the Verizon iPhone 4, which goes on sale publicly Thursday, February 10. Anyone can order this time, and Walmart has announced that it, too, will sell the device.

Sparrow e-mail client lands in Mac App Store

After Sparrow's lengthy beta period, this unique new e-mail client built in the name of simplicity is now available in the Mac App Store. The initial version is built exclusively for Gmail, but its developers promise that a future update will bring support for general IMAP as well as MobileMe, Yahoo, and even AOL's services.

Google continues iPhone releases with Google Translate

Google's fourth new iOS app in as many months, Google Translate allows you to speak a word or phrase in one language and translate it to another.

Preorders begin for iPhone, iPod touch game controller

Nearly three years in the making, a physical controller for the iPhone and iPod touch is finally ready to start shipping.

Skitch 1.0.1

Four years in the making, Skitch 1.0 is a unique, easy to use, and well-connected screenshot- and photo-sharing app and Web service available for the Mac.

Apple App Store

iPad App Store gets search filter, improves reinstalling

Apple has quietly added a couple of handy features to the iPad App Store, including new filters to focus your search results and a better indication that you have previously purchased an app.

iPhone 4 breaks all Verizon sales records in two hours

The iPhone 4 has been on the market for seven months, but that didn't stop Verizon Wireless customers from preordering it faster than any other device in company history.

Simplenote gains Dropbox sync, lists, more

A big update to this popular notepad app brings a handful of new features, including a new sync option built on Dropbox and support for creating lists.