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Timeline: How the iPad changed (and changed us) over five years

Apple's tablet has been on the market exactly five years. But it's hard to remember a time before it. Our interactive timeline captures the highlights.

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The Week in iPhone Cases: A Qi wireless-charging case from Orée, Moleskine's first case, and more

This week’s roundup of new iPhone cases also includes a waterproof case from Livelloo, a folio with built-in storage from Urban Armor Gear, and extra battery power from Unu.

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Confusion but hope as U.S. faces mobile payment revolution

In six months, new card regulations could usher in greater acceptance of Apple Pay and its competitors.

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4 handy options for adding storage to your iPhone or iPad

Wireless drives from Seagate and Kingston face off against Lightning-connected drives from SanDisk and Leef.


Sorry, Tidal: Why I'm waiting for Apple to revolutionize streaming

Tidal's selling points aren't cutting it compared to Spotify. Apple could do more with Beats Music.

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Don't dash to Dash: new Amazon buttons aid brands, not consumers

A new brand-name oriented doohickey from Amazon promises to remove the tedium of re-ordering as long as you want only products from brands.

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First look: Office Lens scans documents and whiteboards into editable Office files

Microsoft's new iPhone app can capture paper documents, business cards, and even whiteboard sketches, and turn them into Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files.


Hands-on: Adobe Slate takes another stab at “visual stories”

A new iPad app makes magazine-like stories out of words and pictures. It's so easy, you might wish it wasn't.

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Outlook for Android, iOS updated with smarter address book and calendar tweaks

The People section now functions like a full-blown address book, displaying a unified view of all your phone's contacts.

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Even the Apple Watch was searching for a problem to solve at first

Apple started thinking about smartwatches in 2011, but the Watch's raison d’etre—saving us from staring at our phones all the time—only became clear later.

TrueCrypt cryptographic audit turns up little to fear

An independently created volume-encryption software project that shut down abruptly apparently has no lurking secrets, according to a new security audit.

Reading comprehension: Misunderstanding Apple surveys continues apace

Apple Pay is a huge disappointment. Because people can't use it.

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An iPhone user's (surprisingly positive) experience with Windows Phone

Hey, Cortana! Kirk McElhearn gave up his iPhone for more than a month to see if the grass is greener on Windows Phone.