Don't-Miss Android Stories

How To Clean Your Android Phone

Dirt and grime are no match for your cleaning skills.

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Galaxy S7.

PCWorld Show Episode 2: VAIO's New Windows Phone

PCWorld's Gordon Mah Ung, Florence Ion and Jon Phillips discuss the significance of the new Windows Phone release from VAIO.

swiftkey neural

Microsoft confirms SwiftKey buy, says it will continue developing Android, iOS apps

Microsoft is buying SwiftKey, the developer of a popular software keyboard for Android and iOS phones -- even though it already has its own software keyboard, Word Flow.

PCWorld Show Episode II: Tanking tablets, the SwiftKey acquisition, and the new Windows phone

In this week's episode of the PCWorld Show, we ponder why PCs are killing tablets, why Microsoft would buy SwiftKey, why anyone would make a new Windows phone, and why we love (or hate) USB-C.

google calendar material design

Google Calendar spreads international cheer with holidays for 54 new countries

The 'Smart Suggestions' service now works with 30 different languages, enabling more users to quickly add new events.

The PCWorld Show Episode 1: Surfacegate, spec leaks and teeny-tiny phones

Welcome to the first installment of PCWorld's first long-form video show! Florence Ion, Gordon Mah Ung and Jon Phillips discuss, analyze and goof on the most interesting news of the week.

starbucks app spotify

Now you can save the songs you hear in Starbucks stores to your Spotify account

A new feature in the Starbucks app lets customers find and save the music they hear in more than 7,500 stores via Spotify.

move to ios app

Apple denies it's making an iOS-to-Android switching tool

Cupertino was quick to shut down a ridiculous rumor that it was creating a tool to help iPhone users switch to Android.

Touchjet Wave turns your TV into a giant Android tablet for only $200

A little arm above your TV tracks your fingers and uses that to approximate touch input.


Biz Stone's Q&A app Jelly to be reborn as Q&A app, only better

If at first you don't succeed, try an un-pivot. That's Jelly co-founder Biz Stone's approach in the hopes his team can rejuvenate the Q&A service.

asus router app

Asus Router app lets you manage your network from your pocket

Asus's Router app for Android and iOS is one network management utility you can actually get excited about.

Huawei's Honor 5X is made for millennials

The "perfect selfie" mode ensures that every photo of yourself you take is enhanced to make you look great.

Hands-on with the LeMax Pro, the first phone to ship with the Snapdragon 820

LeTV's new phone is the first to market with Qualcomm's new high-end chip, fingerprint sensor, and 802.11ad Wi-Fi.

Huawei’s top 3 reveals from CES 2016

Huawei’s big CES reveals included a big high-end 10-inch tablet, a blinged-out smartwatch with Swarovski crystals, and the Mate 8 phone (which isn’t coming to the U.S. anytime soon).

applemusic android lead

How Apple can take on Android from the inside

Android has the market share, and Google knows web services. But Apple shines at integration and great software experiences, and it's time to bring that magic to the Google Play Store.

chromecast xmas

How to liven up Christmas with Google's Chromecast

The holidays are stressful enough. Use your Chromecast to bring a little Christmas cheer.


iphone apps smartphone mobile

Report: Facebook, YouTube and Apple Music are the most popular apps of 2015

According to Nielsen, Facebook and Google rule the mobile world, and Apple Music is more popular than we thought.

messenger holiday

Facebook Messenger debuts 'Photo Magic' feature, festive animations for holiday fun

Messenger will attempt to recognize the people in a picture you want to share and suggest who to send it to.

google docs templates

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides update brings quick access to file templates, reading mode

The new reading mode is especially helpful on a smartphone screen, as it eliminates the clutter so you can focus on writing.

google wallet transfer money

Text your friends some cash thanks to Google Wallet update

While Android Pay replaced Wallet for retail payments, Wallet still has some life left as a possible PayPal competitor.

google drive logo

Google Drive supercharges search capabilities across Android, iOS, and web

You're now able to find files by file owner, email address, and take advantage of tools specific to each mobile platform.

Google's most epic wins and fails of 2015

Self-driving cars. Google Photos. A brand new Alphabet. What’s a win and what’s a fail? Jon Phillips breaks down Google’s biggest happenings of 2015.

play music family plan

Google makes Play Music Family Plan official - $15 per month for 6 members

In the U.S., this includes YouTube Red, making it a very compelling offer.

returned tablet notifications

If you return a tech gift this Christmas, make sure you erase all your data first

Mark Hachman discovered that the open box tablet he purchased still was keyed to a prior account. Don't make the same mistake.