Don't-Miss Android Stories

messenger holiday

Facebook Messenger debuts 'Photo Magic' feature, festive animations for holiday fun

Messenger will attempt to recognize the people in a picture you want to share and suggest who to send it to.

google docs templates

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides update brings quick access to file templates, reading mode

The new reading mode is especially helpful on a smartphone screen, as it eliminates the clutter so you can focus on writing.

google wallet transfer money

Text your friends some cash thanks to Google Wallet update

While Android Pay replaced Wallet for retail payments, Wallet still has some life left as a possible PayPal competitor.

google drive logo

Google Drive supercharges search capabilities across Android, iOS, and web

You're now able to find files by file owner, email address, and take advantage of tools specific to each mobile platform.

Google's most epic wins and fails of 2015

Self-driving cars. Google Photos. A brand new Alphabet. What’s a win and what’s a fail? Jon Phillips breaks down Google’s biggest happenings of 2015.

play music family plan

Google makes Play Music Family Plan official - $15 per month for 6 members

In the U.S., this includes YouTube Red, making it a very compelling offer.

Google's Pixel C is a killer Android tablet on a productivity mission

The Pixel C has beautiful industrial design, a gorgeous screen, killer components, and a clever hardware keyboard that attaches with magnets. But Google’s pure Android tablet still has work ahead as a productivity machine.

returned tablet notifications

If you return a tech gift this Christmas, make sure you erase all your data first

Mark Hachman discovered that the open box tablet he purchased still was keyed to a prior account. Don't make the same mistake.

google cardboard star wars

Verizon offering free Star Wars Google Cardboard headsets to customers

You should probably head to a Verizon store fast, as plenty of Star Wars fans are likely to quickly swoop in to grab one.

gph 001 23

How Apple does big phones better than Android

A month with the Nexus 6P showed that perhaps its gorgeous screen is a little too big for its operating system.

gph 001 11

How I spent my Android vacation

Is the grass greener on the other side of the walled garden?

holidaygg android

10 awesome gift ideas for Android users

Not sure what to get your Android lovin' pals for the holidays this year? We can help.

Awesome gift ideas for Android users

Can't figure out what to ask for, or what to get your buddy? We can help.

How to buy a productivity tablet

Whether you're opting for an iPad or a Surface, here are five things to consider before you buy a tablet.

google maps local guides

Google offers 1TB of Drive storage, other perks in exchange for more Maps reviews

The Local Guides program is dangling more carrots in order to bolster the user-contributed content to Google Maps.

google drive notifications

Access shared Google Drive files through push alerts, thanks to newest update

You don't have to dig through your email any more to find sharing requests and collaboration invites with Drive for Android and iOS.

Hivemapper, a flight guide for drone pilots

Hivemapper takes the video signal from your drone and superimposes onto it details of buildings and points of interest nearby. And if you get too close to those buildings, it also serves up a warning that you might be about to hit them.

the list phone movies primary

11 movies that will make you afraid of your phone

Pick up that ‘wrong’ number…and you could die.


apple music itunes

Leaked screenshots purportedly show Apple Music app for Android

The leaked screens show various parts of the app, such as the For You screen and Beats One.

Hands-on with the HTC One A9

It looks like an iPhone, but it's really a mid-range Android phone in a pretty package.


Upside down: Portraying Apple’s strengths as a weakness

Apple is the better choice if you value your privacy. So, of course we have to talk about how that's a problem.