Don't-Miss Creative Stories

FontXChange 2.5

You can't go wrong with FontXChange 2.5. Its support for .dfont, Multiple Master, OpenType, Mac and Windows PostScript and TrueType, and the new Web Open Font Format is a huge help for Web and print designers and publishers.

Voice Band for iPhone

It can take lots of time, patience and determination in order to produce a listenable song with this app, which transmogrifies your voice into the sound of various musical instruments. But Voice Band definitely puts a unique spin on mobile music creation.

iPad Orchestra shows musical potential of Apple's tablet

Members of The iPad Orchestra recently performed 'Sweet Dream' by Ilya Plavunov on four iPads, much to the approval of Apple.

Looptastic HD for iPad

Despite some minor inconveniences, Looptastic HD is well worth your musical while for creating and mixing loop-based tracks on the go. It's easy to use, includes lots of loops and depth, and offers enough fun to eat up hours of your time.

Blogo 1.3

Blogo 1.3 is a versatile blog editing application that goes the extra mile by offering features you won’t find in similar applications.

Epson releases Stylus NX625 all-in-one printer

The low end of the all-in-one printer market got a feature bump with Epson's Stylus NX625, which has some nice improvements over the NX420.

Quark offers QuarkXpress 8 with free Magic Bundle

Anyone purchasing or upgrading to QuarkXPress 8 between September 1 and November 30 will be able to choose between two free Magic Bundles for the page layout program.

Autodesk launches AutoCAD for Mac, iOS

Autodesk's CAD program circles back to the Mac after a long hiatus and brings free mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch along with it.

Video Mémoires 1.0

Keep a daily video journal with Video Mémoires.

JVC’s new pocket camcorders shoot at 1080p

JVC on Tuesday unveiled a pair of new pocket camcorders

iScrapbook 3.0.4

iScrapbook 3 places this software into a whole new realm by offering a universe of free and enhanced templates, page and album designs, and artwork you can use to create own pages.

Adobe InDesign plug-in lets you edit spreadsheets in tables

DTP Tools has announced a new plug-in for InDesign CS5 that enables users to perform calculations and sorting operations in text and tables in InDesign documents.

PopChar X 5.0

Numerous improvements and fixes grace the new version of PopChar. Here's our review.

Freeway 5.5 get new gallery, template, and site tools

Web design apps Freeway Express and Freeway Pro got a major update, adding templates, site plug-ins, and more CSS layout tools.

Poser Pro 2010

Poser Pro 2010 offers an extensive library of models that work well in other 3D programs, and a solid image and animation creation program.