Don't-Miss Creative Stories

Animation Creator for iPhone and iPad

Regardless of whether you're using the iPhone version of this app or the iPad edition, Animation Creator provides a great way to try your hand at putting your drawings into motion.

Inkscape 0.47

For basic drawing tasks, Inkscape is just as powerful as Adobe Illustrator.

Relocate your iMovie projects

Do you need to offload digital video from your main computer? Jeff Carlson gives you a simple way to relocate your iMovie files.

SketchBook Pro for iPad

The iPad is a natural for sketching and doodling, and this app is one of the most advanced painting offerings you'll find on the App Store.

Qumana 3.2.4

Java-based blog editing application offers cross-platform editing tools, but is limited.

DrawBerry 0.8.1

DrawBerry is not exactly a substitute for Adobe Illustrator, but it works well in a pinch for creating a basic vector drawing image, such as a brochure or a garage sale sign.

Ecto 3.0.2

Ecto 3.0.2 is an great blog editing application and one that in many ways is more convenient than the Web-interface for your blog.


Tumblr is easy to use and customize, feature-rich, and offers a lot of latitude for posts and pictures.

Apple's Cube was ahead of its time

Maybe the Cube was never a commercial success, Benj Edwards writes. But it certainly was a revolutionary desktop that helped pave the way for the Mac mini.

The Cube at 10: Why Apple's eye-catching desktop flopped

A decade ago, Apple's revolutionary G4 Cube was hitting retail shelves. But the desktop turned out to be too revolutionary -- the Cube failed commercially and Apple wound up killing the product line. With 10 years of perspective under his belt, Benj Edwards of Vintage Computing and Gaming looks at why the Cube never caught on with mainstream users.

AmpliTube for iPad

This beautifully designed guitar and bass amp modeling app for the iPad offers a wide range of effects, amplifiers, speakers and microphones, allowing you to customize your tone in infinite ways.

Djay 3.1.1

Algoriddim djay 3.1.1 manages to cover not only professional DJs, but casual users, as well. For beginners, new features make faking a terrific DJ set easier. But this version offers some serious features, too.

Toon Boom Animation releases Storyboard Pro 2

The latest version of the storyboard creator features smart vector-based sketching, the ability to dynamically reorganize panels and scenes without losing their sequencing, and built-in animatics management.

Create quick Web graphics with iWeb '09

There's no need to bust open Photoshop for shape-based Web graphics and images. You can easily use iWeb to create interesting and unusual art for your site.

Epson’s new Artisan printers are for image conscious

Epson released three new multifunction printers for its Artisan lineup. The new Artisan 835, Artisan 725, and Artisan 725 Arctic Special Edition are targeted at users who frequently print photos, as well as typical office documents.