Don't-Miss Creative Stories

Four ways to speed up iWeb '09

iWeb ’09 lets you create attractive Web sites quickly, but quickly isn’t always fast enough. Adam Berenstain offers tips on how to make iWeb even faster.

Six ways to speed up GarageBand

While GarageBand is fairly swift, there are always ways to make working with it faster. David Weiss walks us through some quick tips.

Musicshake for iPhone

This versatile music mixer offers endless creative options. Some of the supplied vocals can get a little cheesy, but overall, Musicshake is a well-executed app that's sure to please novice deejays.

Six things you can do to make iMovie faster

While iMovie '09 is fairly speedy all on its own, you can still streamline your video editing process. Jeff Carlson takes us through the steps.

Creating original cover art for iTunes

Always wanted to use your own artwork for iTunes music, movies, and TV files? Chris McVeigh shows you a quick, way to create your own album covers.

Google launches HTML5 developer site

Google is offering resources in one place for the emerging Web multimedia spec.

FontLab releases Fontographer 5

Designer-oriented font editor gets an upgrade.

How HTML5 will change the Web

HTML5 will spawn richer, more sophisticated Websites while also easing development. Here are nine ways the impact of HTML5 will be felt

iMovie for iPhone hits the App Store

Right before the iPhone 4's official launch, Apple premiered a piece of software designed for its new phone. iMovie for iPhone is a $5 video-editing tool aimed at iPhone 4 users.

Alesis ProTrack Handheld Stereo Recorder for iPod

If you've got demanding needs for recording audio on the go, this iPod-compatible accessory is an attractive -- if complex -- option that will satisfy audiophiles.

Adobe Audition coming to the Mac

Adobe is launching it's Audition audio software package for the Mac platform this winter.

MixPad 2.07

MixPad 2.07, software for multitrack recording and mixing, has a number of good features. However, the program doesn’t provide enough tools to make your music shine. See our complete review.

Diversify your Pages templates

Looking for that perfect Pages template for your project? Here's a handy guide to finding hundreds of unique designs.

Doodle Buddy for iPhone and iPad

Whether you use the iPhone or iPad version, this app is a fun way to doodle away without all the trappings and higher learning curves of more sophisticated painting applications in the App Store.

Hands on with YouTube's new video editor

PCWorld's Ian Paul spends some time with the newly introduced video editing features for Google's YouTube online video site.