Don't-Miss Creative Stories

Ask the iTunes Guy: Album art and tagging

The iTunes Guy answers questions about tagging basics, removing artwork, adding large descriptions in tags, and more.

Adobe launches Photoshop CS6 as a free public beta

For the first time since Creative Suite 3, Adobe has released Photoshop as a free public beta.

First Look: Photoshop CS6 Beta is dark, swift, and content aware

Advances in content-aware technology, cropping, blurs, and Camera Raw are just some of the new features found in the newly released beta version of Photoshop CS6.

Zediva: Former customers won't get refunds

The DVD-streaming service Zediva announced late last year that it knew customers were owed refunds and that it was planning its next steps. Over the weekend, the company announced that those next steps, in fact, do not involve refunding customers.

Get Genius and iTunes Match to live together in harmony

While iOS 5.1 was supposed to return Genius features for iTunes Match subscribers, senior associate editor Dan Moren and staff writer Lex Friedman discovered that the process isn't without its quirks.

Adobe plans Retina-display support for digital publishing suite

Adobe has announced that its DPS publishing tool will be able to produce content at the 2048 by 1536 pixel resolution of the new iPad soon.

Ask the iTunes Guy: Work with playlists

The iTunes Guy answers questions about gaps between songs, copying playlists on a USB stick, combining multiple playlists into one, and more.

Behind the scenes with iMovie trailers

Along with the many updates delivered Wednesday to Apple's cache of iOS apps, iMovie received several new features, including one borrowed from iMovie '11 for the Mac: movie trailers. Staff editor Serenity Caldwell goes hands on with the software.

iTunes 10.6 adds 1080p support, iTunes Match improvements

On Wednesday, Apple released iTunes 10.6 with support for 1080p movies and TV shows, as well as a host of improvements to iTunes Match.

Apple updates iMovie, GarageBand, iWork for iOS

An Apple event wouldn't be much fun without some software updates, and the company had them in spades on Wednesday: It showed off new features for GarageBand, iMovie, and the iWork productivity suite, all of which complement the newly-announced iPad.

Adobe issues out-of-band updates for Flash

Adobe issued patches on Monday for two critical vulnerabilities in its Flash player found by employees of Google's Security Team.

iFaraday fabric styluses for iOS devices are simple but sturdy

iFaraday's inexpensive line of styluses may not be the flashiest or best touchscreen pens on the market, but they get the job done. Staff editor Serenity Caldwell takes a look at the iFaraday Stylus, Artist Stylus, and RXII.

Creative Suite 6 or Creative Cloud: Which one is best for you?

Adobe sees the Creative Cloud as Creative Suite 6 with benefits. It will include new products and services, new features as they become available, and help in defining effective workflows.

How new Mac security measures will impact AppleScript

When sandboxing and Gatekeeper become de facto Mac standards, certain behaviors of automation technologies like AppleScript and Automator will change. Here's how.

Bookle makes your Mac an e-reader

Bookle is a simple and easy way to read ePubs on your Mac, though it currently lacks more-advanced features such as search and annotations.