Don't-Miss Creative Stories

Dreamweaver CS5 supports content management systems

Adobe has launched Dreamweaver CS5, a new version of its professional Web authoring program.

Why pay for Final Cut Express when iMovie is free?

Rob Griffiths takes a look at Final Cut Express, and what it is that keeps him coming back to it—even though iMovie is free and easier to use.

Veenix TypeBook Creator 2.4.1

Veenix TypeBook Creator's unique feature set lets you explore the fonts you have, offers the best selection of layouts for specimen pages, and is reasonably priced.

Quark acquires Gluon assets

Quark has bought the assets and technology of Gluon, the New Jersey-based publishing software maker.

Ten expert design tips for your scrapbooks

Scrapbooking sounds easy, but like all crafts, it's the details that count. Here are some simple rules that will make your scrapbooks shine.

Adobe brings Ideas to iPad

Adobe Ideas is a free digital sketchbook app that's designed to allow artists to sketch ideas wherever they are.

Apps turn your iPad into a sketching pad

The iPad is big and bright and beautiful, so of course you want to draw all over it with your fingers. To facilitate that understandable urge, here are a couple of high-profile sketch products.

iPad version of Final Draft stays in the picture

Final Draft plans to release an iPad application of its popular screenwriting software in the near future. The company has a signup form available to receive more information and to become a potential beta tester for the software.

iPad version of Brushes comes into view

Remember all the excitement surrounding the New Yorker magazine cover that was painted with an iPhone app? That was Brushes for iPhone. Now, there's an edition of the app for the iPad.

Lucky Clan unveils ArtStudio for iPad

If you liked ArtStudio on the iPhone, just think of its new drawing and painting iPad app as giving you more room to explore your creativity.

Find your favorite TV and movie fonts

Ever wonder about the name of the font for your favorite TV show or movie? Yes, you're weird. No, you're not alone. Jay Nelson tells you where such seekers may find.

Layers for iPad adds online gallery, Pro options

iPhone painting app Layers is making its way to the iPad, with a bunch of new features including an integrated online gallery.

Epson Stylus Pro 7900

The Stylus Pro 7900, with its UltraChrome HDR ink set, excellent print quality and highly flexible paper handling, is definitely the gold standard in wide-format photographic printing.

Getting your novel on the iPad for free

Smashwords reportedly has inked a deal with Apple to bring e-books to the iPad. Aspiring authors will be able to get their works on the iPad for free and reap high margins from any e-book sales.

Print customized envelopes with Address Book

Whether you're sending business correspondence or wedding invitations, a customized envelope can help your correspondence hit home. Chris McVeigh tells you how to spiff up your envelopes with OS X's Address Book.