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Buying a printer: Tips and advice

To help you make the proper decision, we've put together a set of printer buying guides. These guides will help you be better informed when you're shopping.

Printer Buying Guide: Shopping tips

If you're about to go shopping for a printer, whether in person or online, keep the following tips in mind.

Printer Buying Guide: Features you need to know

Ready to buy a printer? These are the specs you need to understand to make an informed choice.

Are third-party printer inks worth the savings?

Printer makers strong recommend you use inks specifically designed for their hardware. But third-party supplies cost a lot less. Can you save money on ink without losing too much on print quality? Lab director James Galbraith puts one third-party ink cartridge to the test.

Create CD and DVD labels with your Mac

Do you back up files on CD or DVD? Adam Berenstain gives you some tips on how to label your discs.

Stop-motion animation and The Macalope

Two Mac luminaries drop in on podcast host Christopher Breen in this episode -- his daughter, to talk about stop-motion videos, and The Macalope, to talk about... well, The Macalope.

Strata Enfold 3D CX 1.0

Strata's Enfold 3D CX plugs directly into Illustrator CS3 or CS4 to give you superior tools for package design.

Adobe will unveil Creative Suite 5 on April 12

The next major update to Adobe's suite of applications for creative professionals will debut at 8 a.m. Pacific Time on April 12 during a live Web event.

Adobe debuts Flash Platform tools, including renamed Flex Builder

Flex Builder is now called Flash Builder 4; the open source Flex framework also is updated.

Six tips for finding iTunes Store content

The iTunes Store is packed with content--so much content that it's not always easy to find music and videos you'll like. These tips can help.

Scrapbook projects showcase fabulous photos

Wondering what to do with all those great photos sitting in your hard drive? Try creating a scrapbook. Katherine Murray tells you how to get started.

Create stop-motion animation

With a Mac, camera, software, and inexpensive materials, you can easily create animated videos.

Sony A230

If you're on a budget, the A230 is one of the most affordable SLR kits around.

Logic Pro, Express updated to 9.1.1

Logic Pro and Logic Express have been updated to version 9.1.1, smoothing over some issues caused by the transition to 64-bit and adding 64-bit native support to Express.

Automatic Duck ProDate DV

ProDate DV is a Final Cut Pro plug-in that provides a means to display date and time information only when you want it.