Don't-Miss Creative Stories

Less than perfect apps

At Macworld | iWorld, a panel of experts looks at their favorite apps, focusing on ways they're flawed and how those flaws could be fixed.

Expo Notes: The intersection between photography and video

Upcoming software for the Mac and iOS lets users create unique video-based photographs.

Expo Notes: Making music at Macworld | iWorld

James Galbraith gives a rundown of some of the music-making hardware and software that has people buzzing at Macworld | iWorld this week.

Macworld | iWorld goes on down to South Park, has itself a time

Three representatives of South Park Studios spoke at Macworld | iWorld this week, explaining how the Mac -- and Autodesk Maya -- play crucial roles in helping produce the long-running animated series.

Expo Notes: Sandvox 2.5 Web design package boosts slideshow support

Karelia Sandvox Web design program boosts program functionality and Lion compatibility.

Expo Notes: Creators panel highlights use of Macs, iOS in music, movies

The Superfly Presents the Creators panel at Macworld | iWorld brought together musicians, TV and film directors, and media managers for a wide-ranging discussion on the use of Apple products in creating media and running a media business.

Join us for Macworld Live

This week at Macworld|iWorld, we host the Macworld Live stage where you can see interviews with some of your favorite tech personalities and developers. Here's the schedule.

Four open questions about iBooks Author

Granted, iBooks Author is brand new. But Lex Friedman has some questions about decisions Apple made when creating the software, and he hopes the company will address them.

Apple's announcements further iPad revolution in education

Educator and developer Fraser Speirs reacts to Apple's Thursday announcements. Some of them are more revolutionary for educators than you'd think, but Speirs says the real revolution happened in 2010.

Just Mobile's AluPen Pro stylus is a beauty for businesses

Just Mobile's AluPen Pro is a revamp of the company's original AluPen stylus, adding 2-in-1 functionality in a slimmer package, while keeping the great design ethic.

Hands on: iBooks Author effortless to use, but iPad-only

At Thursday's education event, Apple put glee into the heart of every ebook publisher with the announcement of iBooks Author, the company's new ebook authoring tool. Naturally, after all her griping and wishes over such an app, staff editor Serenity Caldwell had to take it for a spin: Here's what she discovered.

Enable iTunes Home Sharing on Macs and iOS devices

Macworld senior associate editor Dan Moren shows you how to share media between Apple devices using iTunes Home Sharing.

Wishing on an ePub: Five hopes for Apple's rumored e-publishing software

Macworld staff editor Serenity Caldwell has wished in the past for a one-stop ePub publishing shop; if Apple does release such a tool on Thursday, here are some of the features she hopes it might have.

Architect Stylus builds something great

Aluminum-machined styluses are all the rage these days, with Arctic Accessories's Architect Stylus the latest in a long line of impeccably-designed devices. But while the Architect may take its cues from Adonit's line of capped pens, and the sleek figure of Wacom's Bamboo, it winds up being in a class all its own.

Remains of the Day: Ebook learnin'

Apple's education announcement is all over the news, with suggestions ranging from interactive textbooks to ebook publishing tools. Some, however, say that it's all over-hyped--so clearly we should be looking forward to the next next Apple announcement.