Don't-Miss Creative Stories

The 2010 Eddys: Hardware

Our favorite gizmos, gadgets, peripherals, and accessories of the past year.

Create a gift collage from your favorite photos

Shape Collage helps you create gorgeous and personal holiday gifts suitable for framing.

Festive fonts for holiday greetings

Fonts and dingbats for the holiday season don't have to look like they came from 50-year-old greeting cards or wrapping paper. Some of Jay Nelson's favorites this year are modern and quirky, while others are more old-fashioned—but with a twist.

H1 Handy Recorder

The Zoom H1 recorder is an inexpensive-yet-capable handheld digital audio recording device.

Gear Guide: For creative types

Shopping for someone with a creative streak? Here are seven suggestions.

Create a gift journal in Pages '09

While store-bought gifts are great for the holidays, nothing conveys personal regard more than a homemade gift, either by itself or perhaps accompanying something you've purchased. Here's how to make beautiful and personalized notebook journals with Pages '09.

Holiday wish list: Jackie Dove

Macworld Senior Editor Jackie Dove would love to upgrade her old printer, point-and-shoot, and earbuds, and to move up to one of Apple's latest Cinema Displays.

Autodesk CEO predicts Avatar-style moviemaking on iPad

Autodesk president and CEO Carl Bass believes the time will come when individuals will be able to make Avatar-type 3D blockbusters on Apple's iPad.

Mastering printing in QuarkXPress

Printing from QuarkXPress can be a challenge. Quark Xpert Jay Nelson gives us the down-and-dirty overview of what you need to know—and what you can ignore—in Quark's print dialog.

Make customized t-shirts with your Mac

Making a holiday gift is often hit-and-miss; but you can rarely go wrong with a nicely designed T-shirt.

MainStage update offers performance, stability fixes

MainStage 2.1.2 promises performance and stability improvements to the live performance component of Apple's Logic Studio suite.

Microsoft, Adobe proclaim their love for HTML5

"We love HTML5," both companies claim, detailing support in their development tools

Capo for iPhone

A number of clever features allow this impressive iPhone app to help you learn how to play the songs stored in the music library of your iOS device.

HD Hero

The HD Hero is sports enthusiasts whose hobby includes not just the activity itself, but sitting afterward at a computer messing with the images and footage gathered during a session.

Adobe Ideas sketchbook app gets expanded layers feature

Adobe has updated its sketchbook app, Adobe Ideas, adding the ability to create more layers, a Redo function, iOS 4 multitasking support, and more.