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Up close with the new iPod nano

Macworld senior editor Chris Breen takes a close look at the features of the new iPod nano.

The Macalope Weekly: Money, money, money

The Zune HD may be many things, but it's not an iPod touch-killer. Nor is there apparently a way to kill the record industry's aspirations, even with a stake through the heart. And aren't accounting rules a killer?

Want Zune HD games? Prepare to watch ads

Microsoft has released a handful of free games for its new Zune HD, but users will have to watch either a static or video advertisement while the game starts up.

New iPod nano and iPod touch disassembled

The fifth-generation iPod nano and third-generation iPod touch get the full dissection treatment from iFixit.

32GB Microsoft Zune HD media player

The Microsoft Zune HD is the Zune that PC World's Ginny Mies wishes that Microsoft had released last year. Find out what PC World thinks about this iPod competitor.

Zune HD: No iPod killer

Does Microsoft really think it can outdo Apple and its fleet of iPods with the Zune HD? Get serious, PC World's Daniel Ionescu says.

First Look: Microsoft Zune HD

PC World's Ginny Mies takes a first look at the Zune HD, which began shipping Tuesday.

iPods still reign supreme, but competition closes in

The iPod has been synonymous with MP3 players since the very first generation launched. While Apple continues to improve the iPod, the competition is getting stronger, PC World's Ginny Mies reports.

Head to Head: iPod nano vs. pocket camcorders

How well does the new iPod nano's video camera compare to a standard-definition pocket camcorder? Take a look at samples that PC World shot with a nano, a Flip Mino, an iPhone 3GS, and a Kodak Zi8.

802.11n Wi-Fi chip discovered in new iPod touch

The new Apple iPod Touch uses the Broadcom BCM4329, which can support the just-approved high-throughput 802.11n standard.

The Macalope Weekly: It wasn’t only rock and roll, but did you like it?

The Macalope takes on revamped iPods, the mysterious case of the missing iPod touch camera, and continued Snow Leopard drivel.

iPod touch comes into its own as a game platform

After Wednesday's press event, it's very clear where Apple thinks the future of gaming lies -- in its iPod touch portable device.

Why no video camera for the iPod touch?

The iPod touch seems like an ideal candidate for a built-in video camera. So why didn't Apple add one on Wednesday?

Apple Rock and Roll event now on QuickTime

Apple has posted QuickTime video of Wednesday's "Rock & Roll" event in San Francisco, where the company introduced new iPods and a major new version of iTunes.

With new shuffles released, 2G shuffles off its mortal coil

The release of updated iPod shuffles means the end of the line for the 1GB second-generation model that Apple still offered.