Don't-Miss Home tech Stories

Sonos Wireless Dock (WD100)

If you have a Sonos Multi-room Music System and an iPod or iPhone you'd like to easily incorporate into that system, the Sonos Wireless Dock (WD100) is a no-brainer.

Four music subscription services compared

Music subscription services are moving from the Web to iOS and household players. Here's a look at Mog, Napster, Rdio, and Rhapsody.

Sony, TomTom team up for in-car GPS and iPod systems

On Thursday, Sony introduced the XNV-770BT and XNV-660BT touchscreen [in-dash car navigation systems, which combine GPS, iPod connectivity, CD/DVD playback, and Bluetooth.

Sonos releases iPad controller

Sonos releases its free, multi-pane iPad controller app.

Sonos intros Wireless Dock for multi-room system

Sonos has announced the Sonos Wireless Dock, which will complement the company's Multi-Room Music System by wirelessly sending music from your iPhone or iPod to Sonos ZonePlayers throughout your home.

Orb Networks introduces MP-1 Orb Music Player

On Monday Orb Networks introduced the Orb Music Player (MP-1), designed to let you stream audio from your computer and various Internet sources to your stereo.

The Apple TV's failings...and future?

With rumors of a new Apple TV flying, it's worth taking a look at why the Apple TV hasn't seen the same success as other recent Apple products...and what Apple could do to change that.

Squeezebox Touch

The Squeezebox Touch is a great way to connect Internet music sources and your own collection to a set of external speakers, especially in a home theater.

Macworld's Gift Guide for Grads

Whether your grad is exiting high school or college remind them that it's not all just pomp and circumstance with this selection of potential gifts. There's something for everybody who's about to take their first step into a larger world.

Sonos update introduces Stereo Pair feature

If Sonos' S5 powered speaker sounds a little one-dimensional to you, the 3.2 update brings a welcome new feature to those with two S5s.

Buffalo Dualie

Buffalo’s Dualie is two things in one. It’s a dock for your iPhone or iPod and a dock for a portable 500GB hard drive.

Greenpeace hits Samsung for delaying toxic phase-out

Greenpeace hit out at Samsung on Wednesday for reneging on promises to remove harmful substances from its electronics products.

Lithium-ion battery life could reach 20 years

Japanese research and development firm Eamex claims to have found a new way to increase the typical average life of a high-capacity lithium-ion battery.

Interead intros new e-book models

New Cool-ER Compact and Connect models take e-book manufacturer forwards.

CES: E-book readers invade Las Vegas

E-book readers were everywhere on the show floor at CES. It remains to be seen which one will stand out from the crowd, but there will be plenty of e-book readers to choose from in 2010.