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Editor’s Picks: Our favorite cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

We try out a ton of cases, but there are some that we just keep coming back to. Here are some of our top picks.

iphone screenshot apple

How to take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad

It's easy to do—we'll show you how.


Open says me: A magic solution to Apple’s share price

Apple's stock is performing about as well as the market overall so clearly it's time to panic.

lumino city 2

If you enjoy puzzlers with fantastic graphics, Lumino City is a must-play game

This incredibly detailed puzzle game is beautiful and challenging.

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12 awesome iPhone camera tricks anyone can do

Face it, you take 99 percent of your photos with your iPhone. Make them the best they can be with these pro tips.


The holiday rush: Time for annual lists

The worst of end-of-the-year traditions.

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The Week in iOS Apps: iReg turns your Apple Watch into a voice recorder

This week's roundup of apps brings offerings to help you be productive or help you have fun. iReg, which records conversations on the Apple Watch, might be both. Read on!

best free ios games 2015 lead

Our favorite free iOS games of 2015

Grab the year's most exciting and engaging freebies without dropping a penny.

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Great last-minute gifts you can send by email right now

I can't believe you waited this long either, but it's going to be OK.

christmas ipad

The 11 apps every brand-new iPad needs first

Once you inhale that new-iPad smell, fire up the App Store and get these essential, must-have apps.

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12 essential apps for your brand-new iPhone

Make your new toy even better with these must-have apps.

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The Week in iPhone Cases: Trident's Aegis Wallet adds a kickstand to the classic wallet case design

From elegant real wood to sturdy space-age designs, this week's roundup of new iPhone cases offers options for all tastes... just in time for the holidays.


The anomaly: Time-traveling Apple doom

Unreleased, unannounced device ruins Apple's reputation!

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15 classic games transformed into free-to-play iOS affairs

Taking the old spirit and twisting it into something new—and freemium.

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HoPiKo is a punishing, rewarding pull-and-fling platformer for iOS

Hundreds of tiny stages await—if you're up for the challenge.