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This app will send a last-minute Christmas gift to your iPhone contacts

With the new Aha app for iOS, all you need is someone's phone number to send them a fully wrapped gift.

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The Week in iOS Accessories: Raving about Ravean

This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes a new line of coats from Ravean. How are they iOS accessories? Well, they include backup batteries to charge your iPhone while you're out and about.

Perfect party games for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

From Pictionary to karaoke to stimulating conversation, our list has the best ways to liven up your holiday party with your Apple gear.

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Apple warns against the UK's proposed spying law

The proposed law would weaken the security for millions of law-abiding citizens, the company says.


Shaken, not stirred: Appleā€™s stock performance is average

Sure, Apple's usually better than average, but context is still important.

iphone 6s live photos

Facebook's iOS app rolls out support for Apple Live Photos

Following Tumblr, Facebook now lets you share moving Live Photos on its iOS app.

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Report: Facebook, YouTube and Apple Music are the most popular apps of 2015

According to Nielsen, Facebook and Google rule the mobile world, and Apple Music is more popular than we thought.

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Blossom Blast Saga applies the powerful Candy Crush formula to exploding flowers

The King template strikes again: It's powerfully addictive, yet constantly grating.

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Meet the 7 apps that will give your amateur Instagrams professional gloss

Filters are fine, but take your Instagram posts to the next level with these editing apps.


Ill omens: Over-reading the iPhone tea leaves

The bets placed on Wall Street don't necessarily reflect reality.

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The Week in iOS Apps: Badland 2 expands a beautiful universe

This week's roundup includes Badland 2, a sequel to one of the best games ever made for iOS. Plus, apps for productivity, reading, and more. Read on!

messenger holiday

Facebook Messenger debuts 'Photo Magic' feature, festive animations for holiday fun

Messenger will attempt to recognize the people in a picture you want to share and suggest who to send it to.

apple pay primary

Apple Pay on its way to China next year

China is a huge market for Apple, but the company's mobile payment service faces stiff competition.

2015 apps primary

The Macworld staff's must-have apps of 2015

Our 10 favorite apps of the year range from productivity boosters to games and much, much more.

iphone 6s live photos

How to share Live Photos with non-iPhone users on Instagram and via text

Love taking Live Photos with the iPhone 6s? These 3 apps can share Live Photos even outside the iOS ecosystem.